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How to Stop Kids from Excessive Use of Internet

Excessive Use of the Internet:

Ever experienced that you were having a deep conversation with your teen about any life event or experience and you were so caught up in the moment having all kinds of emotions, and you turned to your kid for his or her opinion and he was busy on his phone. If your reply is yes, what was your reaction, and if No, God knows it is a horrible experience may god save you from this kind of misfortune. Well, the Internet has got that kind of power that holds the user and made him unable to do any productive work. You may be planning to do the school assignment and just one wrong click on the wrong site. You will find yourself with no homework done with 3 hours wasted on the rubbish game or that useless movie. We all seem to be powerless in this war but kids especially teens are on the frontline.

How to Safe Parents Safe the Kids From Blackmailing, and Stalking Issues :

Parents these days are most worried about the wellbeing and online safety of their kids. As crime rate is on the continuous rise due to online hacking, blackmailing, and stalking issues. There is only one way to keep your child safe from the wide world of the web by keeping strict 24/7 surveillance on them. How can you do 24/7 surveillance on a teen in this age of private space you ask? Well, we have answers to all your questions. You can simply get a monitoring app and that will do proper 24/7 surveillance for you. No need of tiptoeing around your teen’s room at midnight to check on them or try to find out their Twitter handle, OgyMogy can do all it for you.

Yes, OgyMogy the monitoring app can be your right hand to monitor your child’s online as well as off-the-record life. All you need to do is select the desired package and install the spy app on the teen’s device by following simple steps.

Track All The Visited Websites:

OgyMogy allows the user to know the internet browsing history of the teen’s phones with time. Thus you will know if he is busy on the internet during his class or late at night. It also gives access to the users to the bookmarked or frequently visited pages thus you will know all about their online interests. You can also block certain sites by using the filtration option thus if found any site that you consider not appropriate for teens you can simply block them.

Limit Social Media Usage:

Teens these days are more into social media apps that connect them with the outside world virtually. There are many kinds of social media platforms. The list is so long but doesn’t worry spy app have had them covered. Monitoring app offers a lot of spy apps like Instagram spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Twitter spy app, Facebook spy app, Line spy app, and many more. By using these spy apps you can have remote access to every happening of their Facebook or Instagram account. Spy app gives you details about all the followers, recently added circles, chat bubbles, and activity logs. Users have access to voice logs as well. You can know who they are in contact with through online platforms.

Know About All The Installed Apps:

There are a million kinds of apps in the app store which can simply be installed by following simple steps. Some apps maybe not be appropriate for teen usage. Cell phone spy app offers the android spy app version to track all applications installed in your teen’s smartphone. This feature can instantly report you with the list of all the installed apps. In this way, OgyMogy can help you to prevent your child’s from all the timewasting and useless apps like dating apps and others. You can keep an eye on all the installed apps activities using this feature of the OgyMogy app.

Keep An Eye On Applied Keystrokes:

OgyMogy can help you monitor your child’s search history by tacking all the keystrokes applied on the device. The keylogging feature also gives access to all the passwords applied on the device.

You can monitor your teen’s smartphone as well as computer activities. OgyMogy offers Windows and Mac supporting system software along with the android spy version.

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