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How to Take Care of The Kitchen Cabinets to Ensure Durability?

Investing in the kitchen cabinets is a good but inexpensive decision. Like everything in life, they also need maintenance and care. Though they operate in the harshest environment in the house, taking care of the kitchen cabinets is quite easy. Just a few maintenance hacks can help you keep the kitchen units in tip-top condition for years.

Tips to keep kitchen cabinets properly maintained

Whether you have RTA kitchen cabinets or any expensive wood cabinets in the kitchen, the maintenance process is almost the same for all. And here are some tips that you can follow to keep the furniture in a spick and span condition.

  • Occasional cleaning – Irrespective of how neat and clean your kitchen is, oil and grease can badly affect the space. They get aerosolized and later integrated into the steam when you cook. You can simply do nothing about it. Though you can use splatter shields and outside-vented range hoods, they come with their maintenance regimen and issues. At the end of the day, you can’t ignore cleaning the cabinets. Do it periodically. If you’re using a new cleaning agent or a new process, test it on a small area first. To remove oil and grease, use a mild soapy solution. Dishwasher soaps are a bit harsher than the handwashing soaps. So, it would be better to use the latter. Use a sponge or soft cloth. Never choose steel wool or any scratchy thing for cleaning purposes. If the cabinets feature a natural-wood finish, you may use furniture polish or furniture oil after cleaning the same for restoration of their sheen while protecting them from humidity.
  • Periodic deep cleaning – Irrespective of the frequency of your cleaning regimen, dirt and grease will sneak into the nooks and corners. To remove them, an occasional deep cleaning (once in every few years) is essential. It would be a good idea to partially disassemble the cabinets, at least the visible hardware, for better cleaning. Remove the doors as well, if possible. While removing the hardware, it would be a good idea to replace the worn and torn ones. This won’t be an expensive idea. Rather it would give the kitchen a refreshing look. However, this is not essential.
  • Touch up– Accidents can happen anytime while things get worn out.
    Kitchen cabinets are no exception. However, there are service providers to take care of minor damages of wholesale cabinets. Do you have any drawer stickling? Do you require the replacement of the drawer glides? Call a professional. You can also get such help if the door is smacking noisily while closing and needs a replacement. For other damages like scratches and dings, use repair kits and wax pencils. They can fill in the missing materials and correct the damages. But before applying any touch-up, make sure you clean the surrounding area properly.

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