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How To Wear A Denim Jacket

Blue jeans have been in fashion for centuries, but it took all the fashion giants a great deal of time to realize that the same material isn’t just good for the lower half, but it works brilliantly well with the upper half as well.

Therefore, denim isn’t only an option to create the most appealing and easy-to-wear pants, but it’s also a great selection for rugged and attractive jackets.

The jean jacket can be considered as one of the most versatile and comfortable clothing anyone can have. This low-maintenance outfit is durable, protects your arms and the lower body, does not need frequent ironing, can be worn at any place, and lasts longer as compared to any other fabric. Most importantly, the denim jackets aren’t confined to just one season, you can wear them in fall, spring, and even in winters.

Fortunately, a denim jacket can be worn by literally anyone; from someone who swings a hammer, to the person who sings dance and rocks the guitar, this jacket can be used in a way that is both genuine and sharp, and when worn with the right combination of shirt and trousers, it will always look trendy.

Choosing a Denim Jacket

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a denim jacket, make sure you choose one that fits you well and is of the right color.

  • Fit: Similar to any garment, the right fit is the most important factor when you wear a denim jacket. Don’t wear an extremely baggy jacket, neither should it be too tight. A nicely-fit jacket should be able to fit over any top you plan to wear under it. Secondly, the jacket should be able to button up without you feeling tight, but know that if you’re deciding to button up denim jeans, leave at least the top and bottom buttons open. The ends of your sleeves should only go slightly above the wrists, but they shouldn’t come near the fingers. Most importantly, the bottom hems of the jean jacket should not extend the beltline, but the jacket shouldn’t be too small that it comes above the waistline to give a cropped effect, as that will be more suited for a feminine look.
  • Color: These days you’ll find denim jackets in a plethora of colors, but blue has been the most versatile. When considering a blue denim jacket, you can choose to have different shades to use for different occasions. Although all denim jackets are used casually, a darker shade is considered somewhat formal as compared to the lighter washes, which are most casual. Whereas, the medium blue shade fits best for the most versatile, comfortable, and classic look.

Even though fashion trends keep changing, among the trends that will never run out of style is the denim jacket and jeans. Also, make sure you put on the right t-shirt when you wear a denim jacket for the best casual outlooks. Get in touch with Noir LDN to revamp your wardrobe with the best Noir LDN t-shirts and Noir LDN denim jeans for men.


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