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5 Potential Ways AI Can Improve Human Resource Management

Hang on! Humans have competition too, and that is none other than our good old friend computer. Equipped with the latest brain chips of artificial intelligence, which makes them work even faster than us innocent souls. You simply cannot deny the fact that they are much smarter, can solve many complex problems, and surprisingly in near future, they will going to have emotions too.  Isn’t this amazing and unbelievable at the same time? But a fact that remains a fact is that they are way faster than and can multitask various complexities at a time. And interpreting them by taking their help in Human resource management will be a done deal.

The human resource will always need a personal touch. The one-to-one interaction, which is the prime essence of human resources, will not be going to be out of fashion any time soon. As artificial intelligence is there to help us, not to replace us. The significance of the human touch will remain important and does not have any substitute. Interpreting day-to-day tasks through AI can reduce the work burden of the officials, and can also maximize the chances of human error. Just like that inspiring job hunters always want the best for their career and to make that happen they search for CV writing services to seek help from experts.

Here, we will give you the five best ways how you can interpret artificial intelligence in human resources to gain the best result.

The Hiring Process

The process to hire a candidate requires a battalion of processes that begins even before when the actual process initiates. For instance; a new department is made, or the existing one needs new faces, so a meeting is called upon with the HR officials and the heads of the respected departments. After that meeting, one has to compose a draft with highlights of all the prerequisites of a potential candidate. A long list of Dos and Don’ts regarding finding a perfect candidate hunt begins, the human resource officials nowadays also do headhunting first through the help of LinkedIn. After several attempts, they move to publish a print advertisement in a newspaper about the job opening. After that, the official website is updated and the news regarding that also gets uploaded. You see, this entire process can take days to be done.

If the company has access to artificial intelligence integrated into their system, they can save a lot of time. And, the hiring process will be a smooth ride. First, AI will look through the pool of the existing CVs that the company receives over time without any opening. After that, AI will also look through the candidate’s profiles, which were associated with the company over time. This all process will be done in minutes, while other tasks will be also in process during all this. So you see the difference with and without the use of Artificial Intelligence, it makes a huge difference.

24/7 Availability

A person cannot be 24/7 glued to the screen to answer the queries of potential clients or to solve confusion and questions regarding the current job opening all through emails. This is when chatbots come to be the savior. They have programs so well that have the possibility to answer any questions arising to them. Equipped with strong algorithms and automated with the best possible integration of the human brain and artificial intelligence. Even questions like Marketing CV writing company scattered in the approach can be answered by AI.

Helps In Making The Decision

Artificial intelligence acts as an extra pair of brains that a company must have to make decisions. For instance; if an organization has merely 100 employees, and they have only two human resource officers. So ultimately they have a responsibility to cater to and monitor the progress of those 100 candidates. And later, send reports and analytics to the head monthly to keep a track of their performance. And it is a need in appraisal season to award credible ones for their hard work. AI programmed with finding and calculating the potential, work hours, and which candidates manage deadlines efficiently and who don’t take off frequently can all add up and make a report for HR. Which reduces the workload and also helps in making a fair and unbiased decision.

Repetitive Task 

Since a human is not perfect, if he is performing the same task, again and again, his potential goes to waste. In this manner, their ability to perform repetitive tasks is mediocre in contrast to their efficiency, and also occupies valuable time too. In such a place, AI comes as an assistant, which performs all these kinds of repetitive tasks and saves the time the human force. Like issuing welcome emails to new recruiters, guiding them about the company policies and rules through a chatbot or email. Finishing their paperwork through uploads and counter checking all details are matching the provided evidence or not.

An Extra Set Of Hands

The stigma attached to AI was that it was only beneficial in technological fields, there was no use of this medium in the corporate world. But, now as time has evolved the use of AI is seen mostly in organizations by HR. The use is simple to minimize the liability and generate such efficient resolution to the problems caused during the entire process of hiring and firing a candidate.


A human can do errors, it’s in his nature, as we are not perfect at times, and can be under pressure. Modern computer intelligence is designed in such a way that they are programmed to not make any mistakes. Humans designed artificial intelligence, but works faster than them, and using them in a stream like human resources will be beneficial to maintain a flawless working system. Welcoming such technology into their department can benefit them in the long run ahead. Being top in their trends game, hiring the best of the best, screening the candidate profile for any potential threat is the game which they are masters in. So it is a good idea to have an extra set of the brain.

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