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Importance Of Virtual Tours for Preschools During The Coronavirus

How has Coronavirus impacted the education industry?

Covid-19, the novel coronavirus disease, has made a big impact on how the world functions today. With over half a million infected globally, many businesses had to close their doors. In Singapore, we had witnessed school closures the first month into the circuit-breaker. We are now just slowly starting to re-open schools with strict measures in place.

Quite a few of the new measures involve the use of technology as more people are slowly moving from offline to online during these trying times. Preschools are moving all parent-teacher meetings through the Zoom App and more campus talks or events are done through virtual fairs. Preschools have now reopened, however with the high risk of contact, more and more schools are suggesting online learning. This is for kids that are even as young as the age of 2 years old.

Thus, with all that is happening, what is the future of the education industry like? How can preschools meet with new parents? Or tour the campus to know what’s suitable for their child? Coronavirus has impacted a lot with the way things work, however this may put a bump in the industry’s infrastructure but it won’t stop it from moving forward. With today’s modern technology such as virtual tour Singapore systems, there are still methods to help gain prospective clients.

The 3D virtual tour had already started to gain traction before Coronavirus. Now with Coronavirus, all the more reason for businesses to start using it. A preschool is a place where trust plays a very important role when enrolling new students. The prospective customers, who are essentially the parents, have to build trust with the school’s staff and management to be able to care for their children in a safe environment. This all comes down to the methods that preschools take to ensure a healthy environment for the kids.

How can virtual tour Singapore benefit preschools?

Though there is a risk for businesses and schools to close again during an uncertain period like this, it is best to keep moving forward. In Singapore, there are preschools that have implemented a 3D virtual tour to ensure that enrolments are still ongoing. This has been going on since circuit-breaker was well in their 2nd month and all schools were closed. Due to the safety measurements that have been put in place by the Ministry of Education, parents are not allowed to step foot into schools during the Coronavirus period. This is why preschools have taken matters into their own hands and benefited from technology to provide information and liaise with parents. Preschools can create a virtual tour that demonstrates the environment that kids will be learning in. Developers that create a virtual tour for preschools will implement features that can enhance the parent’s experience and make them feel like they are there.

Preschools such as Josiah Montessori have welcomed prospective parents through a 3D virtual tour walk-through of the school’s facilities. Parents must go through a registration process under their virtual tours to gain access to viewing the school’s interior. The 3D virtual tour was designed to ensure parents a sense of safety and security for their child’s optimal learning. The effortlessly done 3D virtual tour for Josiah Montessori shows that they are making the effort to stay ahead with the times and still create doorways to opportunities.

What are the benefits that preschools attain when they create a virtual tour for their website? Let’s take a look at the several advantages of a 3D virtual tour in the education industry.

  • Helps your school stand out

At the height of Coronavirus, virtual tour Singapore simulations can help your school stand out from the rest. The smart and forward-thinking preschools will be noticed by prospective parents. Why not images and video, are they good enough? While they do sustain somewhat of the school’s presence, it is not as memorable. A 3D virtual tour is more interactive and will make your website more enticed by parents. It will also increase your website’s organic traffic.

  • Enhances user engagement

Virtual tour Singapore technologies used by preschools will demonstrate an immersive experience that encourages prospective parents to engage and interact with your website. There is a more emotional connection from viewing a 3D virtual tour than still images.

  • Makes your school memorable

If you want prospective parents to remember your preschool during the time of Coronavirus, create a virtual tour. The visual associations of the child’s learning environment will make parents feel more assured during their decision-making and the enrollment process.

  • Provides vital information

When preschools create a virtual tour, they also have a unique way to highlight information to parents. For example, preschools can add clips of children engaging in activities to demonstrate how the preschool functions and what the kids are in for. A 3D virtual tour can also have added features such as a voiceover or text that can guide prospective parents through the walk-through.

  • Highlights your uniqueness

When parents are making an enrollment decision for their child, small details matter. Therefore, a 3D virtual tour can feature unique displays around your facility that make your school different from others. Sharing the unique and memorable aspects of the school grounds can help increase registration numbers.

How to make the most of virtual tour Singapore tools

During the Coronavirus period, it is important for preschools to stay in touch and up-to-date with modern technology to survive these trying times. There are Zoom calls, websites, and social media that can play a part in this. However, implementing a virtual tour can really differentiate your brand from the rest.

With the creative techniques that can be added to your 3D virtual tour, you can highlight certain aspects. For example, you could highlight the history of the school during the walk-through. You could talk about how the school has progressed since it started. As well as mention fun facts of the preschool that keep parents interested.

In a 3D virtual tour, preschools are able to also note down key points during the walk-through. Adding clips of teachers and children engaging in activities will also be a great selling point.

To further improve the effectiveness of your virtual tour Singapore enrollment process, you could add clips of testimonials. The testimonials can be of positive feedback from existing parents, teachers, and children. 

In summary

Virtual tours are changing the overall scene of the business world. This means people are transitioning from offline to online at a fast pace. The education industry can benefit from virtual tour technologies to increase registration rates. A few preschools in Singapore have already adapted to the virtual tour Singapore tool and are garnering more attention because of it.

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