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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques to Improve Artificial Christmas Trees In 2021

Artificial Christmas trees in 2021 are the specialty of Christmas. These trees are triangular in shape representing the trinity. They are a symbol of Chris. They originated from pagan tradition. The pagans used to decorate their homes with plants and trees that remain evergreen. These trees actually bring life and color to dull winters.

Nowadays, it is a very common practice to bring Christmas trees to homes and decorate them. They are often a fir or pine trees decorated with lights and ornaments. There are many kinds of Christmas trees such as fresh-cut, potted or artificial trees. They can become a part of your festivities, regardless of indoor or outdoor placements.

Modern Christmas trees were introduced in Germany. Families in Germany set up Christmas trees on 24th December. On this day they have the religious feast day of Adam and Eve.

People like styling Christmas trees in layers. Designing a Christmas tree requires brainstorming and ideas that are creative and attention-seeking. Styling a Christmas tree can be a time-honored tradition that is practiced in many households. For decorating a Christmas tree, you can use lights, ornaments, garlands, and tinsels. These trees represent your heritage, personality, and style to your surroundings.

The most eye-catching Christmas trees are filled with layer upon layer of traditions, well wishes, and memories along with ornaments. You can apply these 7 secret techniques to improve artificial Christmas trees in 2021.

Purchase A High-Quality Artificial Christmas Tree

Investing in high-quality Christmas trees is the first step to decorating your ideal Christmas tree. Generally, high-quality Christmas trees are more durable and provide sturdy support to all the decorations. It is a one-time investment because reliable Christmas trees last for several years. Artificial Christmas trees can be pre-lit or unlit. Pre-lit Christmas trees do not require a lot of effort as you don’t spend plenty of time untangling the lights. However, on the other hand, unlit Christmas trees are designed in accordance with your tase.

People mostly go for a 7ft Christmas tree because they are neither too gigantic nor too small. However, this completely depends on you. If you do not have plenty of space, you can opt for a slim Christmas tree that has narrow pencil designs. You need to make sure to prevent wear and tear on your Christmas tree so it is best to use products that offer the advanced feature. Make sure not to be harsh on your tree.

Choose A theme to follow

Before choosing your ornaments, decide on your Christmas theme for your tree. This will give you some clear instructions on how to decorate your ideal Christmas tree. Famous Christmas tree themes include Wintry retreat, blush coast, pajama party theme, Holiday craft night, Christmas ornament swap, Christmas cocktails, bar stool, etc.

Set Up Lights

If you have decided to buy unlit Christmas trees, it is advisable to select and set up lights first. It is better if you add lights first to your tree because if you add light at the end, it will be a hectic task for you. Most professionals suggest that 100 lightning bulbs or 5 meters of light are enough for 2ft of the tree. The number of lights can be decided depending upon the height of your tree.

You need to wrap the lights around the Christmas tree starting from the center. You should evenly wrap the lights around the tree from top to bottom. Keep in mind during the weaving procedure to position the bulbs accurately. Make sure that the bulbs do not hide under a branch of a tree.

Shape The Branches

It is a good option to shape the branches of your Christmas tree. It will make your tree look more natural and fluffier than before. Although it might be a hectic and time-consuming task for some it is worth it.

To begin the process of shaping branches, firstly you need to separate each branch individually. Secondly, consider bending the branches a useful option. Bending the branches, a little will make your tree look fuller and can become an appealing sight. If the branches of the tree are properly shaped then your tree will look amazing, even with minimal embellishments.

Choosing The Right Ornaments

While picking out the right ornaments for your Christmas tree, you need to keep the decided ones in mind. You can go for ribbons, floral picks garlands, or hanging decorations. Each ornament should be decided cohesively. Make sure that the ornaments complement the overall look of your tree. You can combine different bauble sets and mix them together to enhance the look of your tree. It is very easy for you to play up your theme by purchasing different sizes, shapes, and designs of ornaments.

You have to balance out all the ornaments you’ve decided. Conveniently, you can spread out all the embellishments from the top of the tree to the bottom. Keep changing the position of the embellishments until you get that professional look.

Usage of Unexpected Colors

Using unexpected colors in your tree can become a hear-turner. Professionals use non-traditional colors to make your tree appear different.  These colors include off-white, blue, yellow, or green instead of red, silver, golden, etc. You can add contrasting different colors of straw stars, balls, and angels. To attract positive energy, you can add lots and lots of lights but of the same color. You can also add colorful mini gifts and classic balls.

If you want a woodsy, rustic look of your Artificial Christmas Christmas tree in 2021, you can add chocolate-brown wood garlands and pops of red.

Adding Sentimental Effect

Christmas unites us all together. To establish this sense of togetherness you can decorate your Christmas tree with your family. You can add antique ornaments of your parents, and ancestors, or use hand-made ornaments of your children’s silhouettes to hang them on the Christmas tree. Your ornaments need to be full of memories to give an emotional touch to this occasion. Cute hand-written notes attached with loose ribbons of neutral tones also give your tree an adorable and delightful look.

You can hang personalized ornaments to capture the sentiments of your family. A remembrance piece on your Christmas tree will bring back memories every time you see them. There are companies that engrave your favorite hand-written note into the ornament.

Bottom Line

 For many people, the tradition of styling Christmas trees is a personal matter. They usually associate it with their childhood memories. As children, we all used to get fascinated every time we look at bright lights and little Santas. These trees are the spirit of Christmas. Without decorating trees, you won’t be able to feel the actual vibe of Christmas. For some families, the most important and meaningful embellishments are those that represent some memory.

Artificial Christmas trees In 2021 originated in the 1880s and unlike real trees, they last for decades. You can style this artificial tree in different styles and ways. Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of different colors but you should go for natural colors. Christmas trees are wooden tree-shaped pyramids that can be decorated as wanted. They are easy to design and are flame retardant. These trees do not require special vacuuming and watering.

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