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What is that expected to be, an INTELLIVISION? Hello, one more name from those days is simply being taken advantage of and screwed up… Oho, what’s that? That doesn’t seem to be the standard prefab innovation from the base cabinet. That appears to be unique. So for the most part unique. Invigorating even. So what precisely would you say you are, INTELLIVISION AMICO? INNOVATION AND THE GAMES

The set of experiences

INTELLIVISION ought to simply be known to the most established among us gamers or the individuals who are keen on history. In any event, for my purposes, the last part of the ’70s framework was an age too soon. It was one of the standard Atari contenders, however one of the aggressive, inventive kind. There was a voice module and there should be a console to transform it into a home PC and it turned into its business catastrophe story of now is the right time.

And on second thought of a joystick, it had a regulator with a 16-way directional cushion, sometimes before there were directional cushions. Also, 16 keys! One more than one Dual Shock 4 has. Not that one of the very crude games would have required them, however one was prepared for the future that this INTELLIVISION was never to see.

From 1979 to 2020: Conspicuous likenesses.

Quick forward. 2018 or not long previously: Tommy Telluric, most popular for making huge loads of soundtracks since the ’90s, concludes the world ought to return to fundamentals. Essentially she ought to at minimum have the choice. He establishes INTELLIVISION Entertainment. Then, at that point, a brief time frame later, he shows the world what he has concocted for the new INTELLIVISION – presently with a little v – and that it will go rapidly.

Designer units are now flowing in 2019 and the main significant elite title will be reported in May: Earthworm Jim 4. David Perry and some of the engineers from the first group are ready. Furthermore, gradually, an ever-increasing number of games have been added that show how you envision everything.


There’s no need to focus on contending in fact with the huge control center, not even the Switch. It’s around 2D and 2.5D games – 3D is explicitly referenced as a special case – which ought to be not difficult to get a handle on, which generally must-have lounge chair multiplayer and, most importantly, endure quality control by INTELLIVISION Entertainment. On a basic level, you need to accomplish what Atari’s old control center did in their greatest days: straightforward get and-play for everybody, a specific Arcade, and 16-digit energy, yet with new titles or more each of the quality levels that Offers ensures when you purchase any of the INTELLIVISION games.

Which, incidentally, ought to all cost under ten dollars. So starting here of view they likewise welcome you to rapidly purchase something for karma when companions are there and afterward move began immediately. Since that is the main quintessence of all of this: simply take the regulator on the sofa and begin, messing around with youngsters, family, or potentially companions for thirty minutes – or much longer – be cheerful and afterward set the toy to the side once more. No center top-of-the-line gaming, no large expectation to learn and adapt, no updates. Simply play around. That is the way to go.

The equipment

From the outset, the AMICO has a specific likeness to the old INTELLIVISION. On the off chance that you flicker hard and grab it from the attention wrap, sure. Correlations with Star Trek: The Next Generation props from the 90s are not all the way impossible by the same token. If you simply see it lying around, you should confuse it with a top-of-the-line child telephone. For a wide range of things, however, a slot pg game control center would likely not be the principal thought for the vast majority.

This is because the idea of the regulator shows very extreme highlights, very much like the old INTELLIVISION supported then. Fundamentally it’s a similar regulator as in those days. Similarly, the Enterprise An is essentially a similar boat as the F. Rather than the 16 buttons on the front, you currently have a little 3.2-inch touchscreen with a goal of 320*240. The 16 ways of the old control circuit have now become 64, there is a gyro and speed increase sensor. Force criticism is included and the four buttons as an afterthought are additionally there. Every regulator has a speaker and amplifier and obviously, they are not generally associated with the base station with links.

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It’s not exactly the “base station”, but rather it appears as though a phone charging support. And this undertaking are additionally satisfied incidentally. The two regulators are charged inductively. While the control center itself is worked using a USB-C association, by the Anytime-Anywhere thought. Which wouldn’t fit an exclusive power supply unit and, given the reasonable processing power. A thick power association isn’t required either is.

A 1.8 GHz 8-center arrangement fills in as the CPU, which has not yet been indicated in more detail. Yet can very likely likewise be found in other mid-range Android gadgets. The 2GB RAM and 16GB Flash, which can be extended with an SD card as well as USB, fit in with this. As I said, you don’t buy this gadget for the tech rush that thick CPUs give you.

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