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5 different types of Kaftan for Women

Over the years, the word “kaftan” has become a catch-all fashion term for any kind of loose-fitting robe or tunic. It is often used to describe a number of different clothes from the Middle East and North Africa (the djellaba, abaya, and burnouse, for example). A true woman is a long, narrow-cut robe with full sleeves. It can have a deep open neck or be open all the way to the floor, and it can sometimes be buttoned. The loose-fitting, loose-sleeved garment that is often called a kaftan is more like an abaya.

The word “kaftan” comes from the Persian language, but the style of clothing is thought to have come from ancient Mesopotamia. They also gave kaftans as gifts to important people and generals. Almost any fabric can be used to make it, but most are made of silk, wool, or cotton, and a sash is often used to tie them together. Men and women wear different kinds of kaftans all over the Iranian plateau, in North Africa, and in West Africa.

The effortless fashion of women arrived and never left. Different cultures adapted this beautiful ensemble with their own little twists and made Kaftan a Global style sensation. Through this blog, we bring you our favorites Luxury Moroccan Kaftan picks from Hera Closet. These are perfectly crafted to suit the wedding festivity mood and you sure would pick a few of your favorites for your wardrobe. At Hera Closet, we feature a large number of Luxury Abaya Brands from Dubai and you can explore our designer’s special edits here.

Quench your thirst for luxury Moroccan Kaftans by exploring our collection here. We have the widest collection of Luxury Kaftans in Dubai and we have a wide category of modest fashion wear to offer. Head over to Hera Closet and pick your favorites for the different occasions from our designer collection.

  • Peachy Pink Kaftan

This peachy pink Kaftans is crafted from crepe satin and exudes luxury with its finest fabric feels. The Colourful floral embellishments in the upper women’s section and the similar waist belt enhance the opulence quotient of this Kaftan. Everything about this Kaftan speaks of fairytale elegance, be it its puffed sleeves, flared Kaftan, or dreamy color palette. It’s a perfect festive pick and you cannot argue with that.

  • Luxe Bridal Moroccan Kaftan

This Pink Luxe Moroccan Kaftan is crafted in a beautiful pink shade of satin fabric. The overlaying women’s jacket features embellished Tulle and beautiful extravagant bell sleeves. Pair this with a stunning silver belt and you are sure to ace the princess look in this Kaftan. It’s beautiful, feminine, and dreamy with a fit that’s dreamy as well. Style this in your upcoming wedding functions or a classy elegant event and you are sure to make a style statement that will be remembered.

  • Bridal Red Moroccan Kaftans

Looking for bridal red Kaftan for your wedding? Well, this Red Kaftan crafted from chiffon fabric would be a perfect pick. Adorned with embroidery till floor-length, the heavily embellished belt creates a cinched waist and gets you a refined body shape appearance. Buy this Luxury Abaya from Dubai, online over here.

  • Black Tulle Kaftan

This designer Kaftan is unusual from the women’s designs known to you. Crafted in elegant black color, there is a contemporary twist to the fit of this dress. The top section of the Kaftan is adorned with yellow floral embellishments and a heavily embroidered belt that creates a cinched waist appeal. The tulle dress is followed by an embroidered flared hem that enhances the feminine quotient of the women’s dress. Be it the flared sleeves, excellent contrast colors, contrasting embroideries, or the design- everything about this dress screams youthfulness and fun styling.

  • Beige Organza Kaftan

This Organza Kaftans is a refreshing addition to the modest fashion market. Crafted from the soft beige organza, the Kaftans feature classic Moroccan lace and floral hand embroideries. The color contrast within the embroidery creates an excellent luxury quotient and is a smart buy for your festive fit wardrobe. The Kaftan features flared sleeves and a sleek fit throughout.

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