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Kudremukh Trek The Offbeat Destination

It has all the qualities of a nice weekend holiday, a spectacular mountain top, a stunning nature sanctuary, waterfalls, mineral deposits, former basement shrines, and a market to buy excellent souvenirs. The Southern Juwel named KudRemukh could blow up to be the next ‘God’s Own Land.’ A selection of scenic delights can be found here. Wild Wayfarers look to discover Kudremukh Trek– a small guide – Karnataka’s secret jewel.

Kudremukh means “face of a horse” in the local language, meaning that the top located in the area looks like a horse.

Peak Kudremukh Trek:

The walk to the top of the mountain promises wonderful scenery. The peak is a paradise for trekkers with its bamboo shrubs, Shola vegetation, natural waterways, and wonderfully laid out mountain routes, at an altitude of 1.892 m above sea level. Instagram-worthy views of the sky and the Arab Sea are offered on the Kudremukh summit.

Kudremukh National Park:

This national park is an earth’s mini sky. It is situated 600 sq km of the whole sanctuary. The people who live in the wild, including large cats of numerous species, have made it their home. This area is gorgeous by orchids and a variety of lovely flora. Three rivers are present – Tunga and Bhadra; The Goddess Shrine; Lord Vishnu’s image of Varaha in the Gangamoola grotto; and the cascades of Gadav give fantastic Kudremukh experiences. One popular rafting practice in Kudremukh is river rafting.

Hanuman Gundi Falls:

Hanuman Gundi is a lovely tourist destination frequented by tourists who look for a spot to enjoy the wild. The water comes from an altitude of 100 feet which gives you a great look. To meet Hanuman Gundi falls, visitors must walk. The nominal cost to visit the cascade is available from 10 am to 22pm. There is a nominal cost.

The locals are very polite and helpful to the visitors and glad to assist in some way. But the locals don’t even like littering. Furthermore, the forest workers have the right to arrest travelers, who are not guides or accompanying individuals, walking across the forest near to the mountaintop late at night.

One of the most interesting hiking destinations in the Gangamoola among several Kudremukh tracks. The winter is between November and February, the perfect time to visit Gangamoola. Although the panoramic views on the monsoon are provided by Kudremukh, it is not desirable to trek in monsoon as the land could be slippery and risky.

Trekking is limited without the Kudremukh forest official’s permission. When the permit is given, you can be taken in the jeep by the forest official on the road and arrange a guide for you. I recommends employing a guide because it is an offbeat hiking destination with many trekking trails. Trekking begins in the heavily lined jungle, the fields, lakes, ruins, and cave temples. To find the sources of rivers you need to seek out water under the grottoes. You can have to go through the roots of the trees on the trail. It may be good to protect trees in slippery regions. But brace yourself for leaks. There are a variety of tips to eliminate leaks such as clothes, the application of salt and chest oil to the bare body, the application of Dettol, the use of deep mist, the use of nicotine water, the use of calf-length socks, the filling of the edge of your pant into socks to reduce leakage.

Kudremukh Airport:

Take a flight to Kudremukh airport, which is about 91km from Kudremukh to reach Kudremukh. Taxis and other commuting modes are accessible from the airport.

Alternatively, tourists from all major Indian towns can take the train to Mangalore railway station, then take local road transport to Kudremukh.

Kudremukh is the link to Mangalore and other nearby destinations by public transport networks.

The State Department of Tourism provides tourists with tents and cottages, providing that they are booking in advance. Another alternative is to stay at the homes and guest houses operated by locals with minimal facilities.


Kudremukh is a southern Indian destination with genuine local dishes like idli, dosah, sambar, vada and bhaat, etc. There are no frills to serve visitors in the village. It is also advisable to pack in your luggage ready-to-eat food.


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