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Four Basic Types of Landscape Photography Which You Must Know

If you’re traveling anywhere, you’ll want to photograph the scenery. Did you notice that there are several genres of landscape design pictures photography? Yes, and each type has its variety of challenges.

Four Basic Types of Landscape Photography Which You Must Know

We’ll go over the primary four categories of landscape photography you need to learn to take home excellent memories to help you better comprehend landscape photography. Some types are related to the place (for example, the ocean), while others are related to the photographic method you’re employing, such as a panoramic view. Others are associated with the time of day (i.e., sunrise photography). There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started right away:

1. Photographing Seascapes

The sea, and water in general, is one of the best places to capture beautiful photos. You may portray both the peaceful and aggressive acts of nature and the transition from earth to sea by balancing the water with anything in the foreground–such as a stunning landscape.

You also have a lot of creative possibilities, such as blurring the motion of the water with longer shutter times. You may also apply a filter to reduce glare and contrast the sky and the sea. When it comes to photographing pictures of the water, you’re only limited by your imagination.

2. Mountain photography

Another preference is mountain landscape design pictures photography. However, one of the difficulties with this landscape is that you and your equipment may need to trek a long distance to capture the shots you desire. As a result, you’ll want to pack as little gear as possible. You’ll want to carry at least one excellent lens, as well as a lightweight tripod and additional batteries and memory cards.

A 50mm f/1.8G lens is a fantastic, economical workhorse lens for mountain photography. Nikon offers a camera that is both light and flexible. It generates razor-sharp photographs and provides a focal length that allows you to experiment with your photography. For example, you may capture minute details of a tree or panoramic images of the surrounding countryside.

Urban photographer

For many photographers, this is a fascinating field of photography. Not because you most likely already reside in or near a large city.

The more intriguing the city you’re shooting is, the better the photography is.

The three sub-categories of urban landscape photography are as follows.


A cityscape shot aims to portray a significant portion of the city. It must give the space a feeling of size.


Photographing abandoned structures or gaining access to underground tube systems are examples of urbex. Urbex is a word that means “urban exploration.”


Beautiful architecture is a common theme in urban photography. For this, look for new structures, monuments, or bridges.

4. Cloudscape Photography

As far as landscape design pictures niches go, this one is a bit of an acquired taste, but you can create some fantastic shots by exploring the immensity of the sky. To do so, you’ll need your tripod, as well as a shutter release wire, which will allow you to take the photo without touching the camera. If you don’t have one, you can always use the timer on your camera to capture the picture after 2 seconds. To help boost the contrast between the clouds, you’ll probably want to use a polarising filter. When photographing clouds, you’ll also want to have a strong awareness of the various and somewhat unique light circumstances.

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