March 14, 2023

One-Stop Solution For Medical Practice By Pettigrew!

One-stop solution for medical practice by Pettigrew!

One-stop solution for medical practice by Pettigrew!


Pettigrew Medical


Georgia; Pettigrew Medical, a company specializing in billing, coding, and staffing solutions announces revolutionized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions to address the growing financial concerns of medical practices amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pettigrew has been in the healthcare industry since 1989 and the reason for its success is the valuable trust of clients and ability to meet every expectation and challenge in an efficient manner.

The novel Coronavirus has disrupted the entire operations of healthcare facilities from big hospitals, and medical practices to physician’s clinics. The rapidly changing dynamic of healthcare systems calls for a customized software solution that is easily accessible, innovative, and user-friendly.

Medical practice has lots of things to manage as the medical codes get revised and new ones are added, the insurance provider and payer rules keep on changing, and compliance with government and state regulations.

The healthcare providers not only have to manage the constant pressure of rendering the best medical facilities from diagnosing, treating, and providing follow-up care but also deal with Covid-19 positive patients and taking certain steps to prevent the virus from the spread.

Pettigrew has employed an efficient team that includes billing specialists and expert software developers who are able to create software that is user-friendly, sophisticated, and completely customizable to fit medical practice’s unique needs.

Pettigrew’s RCM software provides a wide range of value-added features from Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Remote coding services, Integration with EHR (Electronic Health Records), Digital security of patient and physician data, audits, and compliance services.

One of the best features that the company offers is ‘Payer Connect’ that simplifies the physician credentialing and contract management with payers.

There are thousands of different medical codes and it is quite difficult to manage and assign them accurately every time. More than 50% of claims are denied due to coding errors. A robust billing and coding software can considerably reduce errors, send automatic claim submissions, and constantly track to ensure collections are done on time.

Pettigrew is the one-stop solution for a medical practice to optimize its billing and coding functions, minimize loss of revenue due to claim denial, and streamline its reimbursements.  For more information, visit: