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Month Of Rajab: Significance And Things To Do During Rajab

Rajab, the seventh month in the Islamic calendar, derives its essence from the word Rajaba meaning “to respect” or “to be in awe.” The month of Rajab is one of the four sacred months in Islam during which battles are prohibited. If someone fights or gets involved in a war in these months, the act will be considered blasphemy. Rajab Shaban Ramadan carries immense significance when grouped together. Rajab Shaban Ramadan is three consecutive months essential for the growth of an individual, similar to the plantation of crops. In Rajab, the seed of good deeds is sown into one’s life. Followed by the cultivation of those deeds during Shaban. Finally, Ramadan presents the opportunity to harvest the seeds sown and cultivated in the previous two months.

Rajab Month’s Importance

As Rajab is the month of Almighty Allah, it is held dear to the heart of every Muslim. It is the month in which Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth Caliph of Sunni and first Imam of Shia, is believed to be born.

Muslims give importance to Ramadan as the Holy Quran was revealed to the world in this month. But Rajab is the month when the noble parents of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got married. Also, it is when they conceived him as their child. Allah blessed the world with the Prophet in this holy month. Also, it is the month in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was considered to be ascended through the seven heavens in order to meet Allah. The journey is profoundly known as Isra Miraj.

As Rajab is a sacred month, any sins committed during the month will be severely punished. Whereas for the same reason, a good deed done will be highly rewarded by the all-giving Allah. Therefore, Muslims are requested and suggested to utilize this month for the atonement of their sins, by offering nafl salah, doing charity, reciting the holy Quran, and preparing for the rest of the year.

Further, as per the saint Abd al-Qadir, Rajab consists of three letters – Ra, Jeem, and Ba that stand for Rah’matullah (the mercy of Allah); Ju’duAllah (the generosity of Allah) and Bir’uAllah (the kindness of Allah) respectively. During this month, Muslims are strictly recommended not to do anything that is prohibited in Islam. So, the question arises of what should be done during the Rajab month of Allah. Allow us to help you with the acts that are considered the rewarding of this month.

Things to do in Rajab

1.     Do good deeds

Allah rewards highly to his sons who help others in their times of need. While this is true for the complete year and each month, good deeds done in Rajab write extremely good fortune in life. As it is a pious month, an individual should recite and follow the holy Quran. Sow the seeds in Rajab and harvest them later in Ramadan.

2.     Repent for the sins

Any wrong should always be atoned as soon as one realizes or remembers the sin. It can be done with the help of Tawbah. But as Rajab is the month of Allah, forgiveness asked or Istighfar done in this month has more chances of starting with a clean slate. Allah is all-forgiving and will pardon his children during Rajab.

3.     Pray with devotion

Allah adores nothing more than prayers offered to him with utmost devotion. Without any malice and full faith, if his children offer prayers during the month of Rajab, Allah will reward his children with the best of present and future. He will bestow power among his sons to take on any challenge in life with confidence and necessary tools.

Dua For Rajab— “Oh Allah, bless Rajab for us and Shaaban and allow us to live during Ramadan.”

4.     Fast in the month

If someone has missed their fasting during the year, Rajab presents a great opportunity to make up for them. Fasts kept in Rajab not only prepare one for Ramadan but also open the doors for bigger blessings to fall upon them in Ramadan.

5.     Perform charity

Helping the unprivileged is considered serving of the highest order to Allah. Charity in Rajab writes well in an individual’s fortune and life. Muslims are suggested to offer food, clothes, and money to the needy. This helps the person in need, and the blessings given by him are ordained directly from Allah.

6.     Prepare for Ramadan

As Ramadan succeeds Rajab, eating nutritious and good food to prepare the body for the long fasting month becomes essential. One is recommended to eat fibrous food maintaining a balanced diet that would help them to enhance their enduring power. The will for Ramadan devotion can be strengthened in Rajab with the recitation of the Holy Quran and prayers for repentance.

Does performing Umrah have greater benefits?

People often talk about the rewarding benefits of performing Umrah during this month. Umrah is an essential pilgrimage done to come closer to Allah; hence, it is beneficial in itself. But there is no official mention of such rewards in Islamic culture. Some scholars claim that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself performed Umrah in Rajab. However, in the Islamic scriptures, it was denied by the Prophet’s wife, Aishah. Finally, performing Umrah is a good deed, and doing it in the holy months may fetch much greater benefits.

Rajab holds great significance in Islamic culture. It is the month blessed by the Almighty Allah. Many of the events, like the birth of Ali and the marriage of the Prophet’s parents, make it a miraculous month. Muslims are suggested to do good deeds due to the Rajab month’s specialty and significance. Additionally, Ramadan and Shaban follow Rajab; therefore, fasting during Rajab has multiplied rewards in Shaban and at the time of Ramadan. People should stay away from things that are restricted in the holy Quran and Islam. Therefore, Allah can reward or punish at the same time in the month. Rajab is also the month to repent and can help individuals start with a new beginning.

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