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No-Code Launchpads To Solve The Flaws In Starting An NFT Marketplace


NFT Marketplace is the height of excellence for an emerging sector to facilitate. Aiding a multitude of people who are non-digital native to penetrate it fast and efficiently. The no-code NFT Launchpad for technology doesn’t stop just there. They are also positively influenced by brands and businesses to expose and expand their space in a particular domain.

The trajectory of NFTs – today

The NFTs have positioned themselves in a leverageable position posing a threat to all its competitors. Since their uprising in 2021, the sector has had a blast in the global economy, with their numbers in both economic boost and participation scale growing exponentially by the end of this year. These numbers haven’t just appeared out of nowhere. Most of these are credited to the advancements and the steadfast development that make the sector a hyper-utility zone.

NFTs are slowly catching up to the art trade platform with $41 billion in 2021 alone, and their chart is not slowing down soon. They are doing very well for themselves in the global market that dedicated and streamlined divisions are being implemented in industries to focus solely on conquering NFTs. With this in mind, many aspects of NFTs need a little nudge for the unaware. Though the sector is highly accommodating, they are not born of an asset class, so there are some lags in the inclusive ways. But, advancements like the NFT launchpad platform by the side of people who want to make it big in the division – it is easier.

Drawbacks in starting an NFT marketplace from scratch

For starters, the demanding high capital investments involving a capital investor or a pitch to a very tough, powerful head of big organizations is a hassle in itself. NFTs are rewarding because they reap a significant amount of returns if the launch is implemented thoroughly – taking into account the marketing, finance, and troubleshooting. But these aspects inherently need a project first hand to start piecing the final piece of the puzzle together.

Management hiring – cost to the developers – software, frontend & backend, finances, marketing, designers, and logistics. Moreover, all of these factors need to be managed and funded at the investor’s risk. But imagine a scenario where all these aspects are presented as a product for use under one roof. That is exactly what the no-code NFT launchpad provides to the people who want to use it.

No-code NFT launchpad conceptualization

Instant launchpads solve a plethora of trouble for anyone, from amateur artists who have no coding experience to businesses that want to pierce the market quickly. There are many different reasons one could opt for a dedicated NFT marketplace. With the biggest reason being autonomous control over the project. This way, there is more creative and executive control over every aspect of the project. The creator decides what goes and what does not. Let’s briefly look into what any given no-code NFT launchpad performs.

Storefront customization

    1. Personalization of storefront offers an immutable aesthetic and brand that only the particular creator can provide.
    2. This aspect is present in abundance. The customization of templates catering to every different niche and need of the marketplace.
    3. They also have inbuilt search engine optimization and streamlined filter searches to help the experience be user-friendly.
    4. Ease in workflow also plays an important role in securing the attention and interaction of the user.


  1. Blockchain has become a synonym to security at this point for digital assets. But the fact of the matter is the metadata linking the asset to the owner is secured, not the asset itself.
  2. Decentralized storage platforms for securing the assets after transactions are an added bonus in an NFT marketplace.
  3. Duplication is another threat that faces the NFT even before it reaches the launch. Many competing platforms may host a gas-free marketplace where the replica artist can mint their NFTs only once they are sold.
  4. This encourages the rip-off of the assets that are the creative property of the original artist to lose their deserved chance to make money from it.
  5. NFT launchpads might provide image recognition tools and artificially intelligent interfaces to tackle this problem by helping remove rip-offs in other spaces.


  1. NFT marketplace is an amalgamation of aspects that combine to perform and function as one. Here automation is of absolute importance.
  2. Functionality automation of launching all the necessary tools for launching, including – developing, troubleshooting, customer care, funding wallets – finance, integrating currency exchange platforms, and a secondary marketplace, goes a long way in succeeding in the NFT marketplace front.
  3. These aspects also help with the time restraints of developing an NFT marketplace on its own.
  4. This way time can be cut back heaps depending upon the kind of marketplace one might want to develop.
  5. NFT launchpads not only help develop and launch existing projects from the creator.
  6. They can even help with the conceptualization of the project itself, with the necessary idea being provided by the creator.

Concluding thoughts

NFTs have most definitely imposed an undeniable factor of high-intense revenue reaping opportunities in today’s time. And many people are eager to participate in the fun with generous monetary gain consequences. NFTs have well-traveled beyond their threshold of being a fad, and their trajectory in the use case is exponentially rising. The scalability and persistence of the sector make it possible for the expansion to be imminent. No-code NFT platforms are, by some measure, directly possible for this to be possible. Some of the best NFT launchpads in the market are GuardianLink, NFTb, and NFT pad. Start building your own NFT marketplace with the push of a few buttons and earn your big break with your million-dollar idea.

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