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Non-Profit Organizations Aim to Provide Free Healthcare Facilities

Access to essential medicines is quite problematic for every third person in the whole wide world because the price range of various medicines such as vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs is unaffordable for the majority of people. People living in least-developed countries and middle-income countries cannot access these essential medicines due to their high pricing.

There are various non-profit organizations operating on various innovative approaches based on intellectual property and pricing to reduce global health disparities and promote healthcare delivery across the world. A single innovative approach cannot serve the purpose; therefore, the investors need to engage in more partnerships that encourage technology and knowledge.

This partnership aims to ensure that these essential medicines are authorized, manufactured, and distributed in all least developed and middle-income countries. These non-profit organizations are aimed to enhance the access of medicine donations for missions for every individual across the world at reasonable and affordable prices.

Purpose of Non-Profit Organizations

The non-profit organizations are striving to improve the quality of life for people at the local, national, community, and even global levels. These organizations are not devoted to various financial or private gains but to the development of public interests. They are generally governed by the laws of federal and state but do not possess any federal statutory meaning.

Most of the states usually permit these non-profit organizations to create for a particular purpose that its profits are not distributed among the members of the organization, and it is completely legal. In order to attain other benefits and favorable tax-exempt status, the resolution of non-profits must be approved by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and the funds being earned by these non-profit organizations can be used in the progression of the mission.

Alignment of Mission

Through innovative corporations, the medicine of hope has combined various world’s most recognized and largest pharmaceutical companies in order to connect with the needs of affectees. They are fully determined to increase access to safe, quality, and effective medicine for patients who cannot afford the highly expensive medication.

There are two famous non-profit pharmaceutical companies named “Harm Reduction Therapeutics, and Civica Rx has confirmed that they will be assisting patients so that they can keep more money into their pockets by distributing inexpensive medicine.

Health is one of the basic essentials for every individual. Whether a person is poor or rich, his body can become dreadfully sick at any time. During such conditions, a patient is badly in need of significant medical assistance in order to get fully recovered regardless of his financial instabilities and other partialities.

Top Five Organizations Providing Free Medical Assistance

Denying health care benefits for people in need is just like denying a child’s rights to grow up as a strong man, neglecting an adult’s rights to live an honorable life, and depriving a mother to get a self-pregnancy. Living a healthy life with all the facilities and resources is the right of every individual. In order to fulfill the needs of people living in under-developed countries, various charity organizations are striving to provide free medical facilities to people in need.

The non-profit organizations are aimed to bring a positive transformation in the healthcare industry which can operate on the basis of the worth of humanity, not money. They are fully devoted to establishing such a system where no individual can be refused healthcare assistance due to his poor financial status. The value of human life is prior and respected more than money and materialistic benefits. 

Here is a list of the top charity organizations which are offering medicine donations for missions to people who are badly in need across the globe.

  • Transparent Hands
  • Save the Children Australia
  • International Medical Corps
  • Children Cancer Foundation
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is one of the well-known non-profit organizations which is dealing with the primary healthcare issue with the help of fundraising through a specific Crowdfunding forum. They used to conduct the surgeries of the neediest patients free of cost with the help of charity and donations at private facility care or hospitals.

People from all over the globe can contribute to this cause if they want to donate through the online Crowdfunding web portal. You just have to choose a patient and then fund the surgery. You will be getting regular updates and feedback regarding the patient’s health until he is fully recovered. They have a very flexible online fundraising platform, which will work as follows.

  • Select the patient whose surgery you want to fund
  • Choose the most convenient payment method as per your requirement
  • Donate to that specific patient and get a tax release
  • Get regular updates regarding the patient’s health

Their transparency level makes them unique among all as they always ensure that every penny that you paid is being spent on the needy patient’s health.

  • International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps is famous as a global non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to saving the lives of deserving people and relieving their sufferings through healthcare training and development programs. Their only purpose is to enhance the quality of life through health interventions and various health-related activities that can help in building local capacity across the world.

  • Save the Children Australia

Save the Children Australia is an independent non-profit organization. It is a member of the Save the Children Association, a group of 30 organizations sharing a global strategy and vision to improve the lives of children across the globe. The central part of this organization is responding to all emergencies, offering humanitarian aid, food, shelter, water, and emotional support for children as well.

Author Bio:

Barbara Smith is a social worker and has been associated with a non-profit charity organization for more than six years. She loves to explore new things and is very fluent in communication and she also writes for a magazine.

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