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Impact of Online Assessments on the student skill development

Student skill improvement and the impact of online assessments

The education system has been following the same antiquated pattern of teaching and learning for the past few decades. But with the advent of modernization, it called for restructuration. The traditional methodologies used to teach students are no longer seen as the only option because they did not generate the desired results. It became quite evident that the teacher-centric learning system gives no opportunity for the students to weigh in their interests.

In an attempt to change the status quo as well as address the growing demands for an improved learning system. The institutions and educators alike had to come up with appropriate solutions. Part of which included implementing new strategies and pedagogies as a way of rejuvenating the educational structure and ensuring learning outcomes.

Since assessments are a pivotal aspect of the learning process. The institution makes sure that it is conducted in a fair and specific manner. As e-learning took precedence, the online test platform also became a point of interest as well as the medium through which exams or tests could be administered. While many institutions were against the idea of conducting online exams. The majority of the others thought that it was a unique platform.

Online assessments are beneficial for the students in many ways such as:

Helps to assess the skills

Educating a child does not just rely upon imparting knowledge related to several core subjects such as science or maths; it also has to do with developing skills. As per a recent survey done by a leading tabloid most of the students. Those who graduate college are unable to secure any job as they are not selected after the interview. In fact, most of the fresh graduates who hold professional degrees struggle to get any employment opportunities.

The companies are not just looking for educated individuals. They are looking for candidates who possess industry-specific skills and talents like:

• Communication skill
• Leadership quality
• Interpersonal skill
• Mathematical skill
• Time management
• Problem-solving skill
• Emotional intelligence
• Social skill
• Presentation skill

If the school and colleges do not include a curriculum that serves to teach the students. The core subject is aligned with the above-mentioned skills, then their education is incomplete.

Online examinations help the teachers to assess the skills of the students after every test almost instantaneously without any delay. Unlike the paper-and-pencil tests which take a considerable amount of time to figure out if the student is doing well or not.

Improves the interpersonal skill

When the teacher gives projects and assignments to the students which are to be done within a group, it gives them the opportunity to collaborate. Equal participation of all the members within the group also ensures that each of them gets a fair chance to voice their opinions. Towards the end of the specified date when the group is asked to give a presentation. Each of them does so by doing their bit.

Assignments are included within the examination system hence this helps to improve interpersonal skills. When students interact with each other and put forth their perspectives. They are engaging in an interaction that will help to strengthen their communication as well.

Inculcating time management

Imagine the turbulence and chaos that a student has to deal with when he or she has to manage multiple things simultaneously. Be it submission of a project report or preparation for the upcoming tests, doing several things at once is not possible. Hence while preparing for the online examination system the students are gradually inclined to segregate time for different activities.

It is also notable to mention that the educators are well aware of time management as a necessary skill. Hence while conducting any class or project they make sure to specify the time in accordance to the preparation, organizing materials or content, and then finally presenting it to the class.

Self-evaluation aspect

One of the biggest advantages of online examination is that there is a feedback system that enables the students to understand where they are lacking. The teacher on the other hand can figure out the areas that the student needs extra attention, so in a way, this helps to evaluate what level of proficiency the student is at.

There are different activities that a teacher conducts in a class, which helps to gauge the cognitive and intellectual levels of the students. Following which he or she can take necessary steps towards solving whatever issues they are facing.

Boosting self-confidence

How does one gain confidence?

When one possesses knowledge of something. He/she is self-assured about themselves, so much so that even in the face of difficulties they do not lose hope. Their strength stems from the fact that they are knowledgeable and have the aptitude to deal with whatever they are facing. Hence when a student is trained or taught in such a way where their minds are nourished with knowledge and they have polished their skills that enables them to gain a surge of confidence to deal with any situation.

In conclusion

Online assessment is an excellent platform that provides the teacher a perfect way to check the progress of the students. Unlike the traditional system, it gives the opportunity to check the competency level and help to create activities or assignments that include real-world scenarios.

Author bio: MasterSoft ERP Solution is the most trusted e-governance ERP provider based in India. A close experience with prestigious educational institutes including autonomous and MHRD governed and funded Institutions such as NITs, IIIT, central universities, has helped our team members understand the educational framework and integrate best practices into our campus management solutions.

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