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Pen Your Thoughts And Feelings Down Today!!

There are hundreds of reasons why an individual journal. It usually is to remember different stages, special events, feelings, and moments of life. It’s a secret note that people prefer to not share with anyone because it holds the most emotional and honest thoughts of ourselves and everyone. In the past, almost everyone maintained personal journals, recording their day’s events and observations. But this practice has been lost in today’s generation which is not a very encouraging habit.

So, if you’re an old-world diary writer, look at some of the best designer diaries available online that you’ve got even in today’s world.

  1. Plant pet Fabric journal –
  2. Colourful Fabric journal
  3. Ocean Theme Journal
  4. Traveller’s Journal – The black Canvas
  5. Croc Effect Journals
  6. Floral Fabric Design Journals
  7. Real Leather Journals
  8. Leatherette Journals
  9. Vintage diaries
  10. Handcrafted diaries

Buy diaries online in India with all kinds of customizations and love.

Benefits of Keeping  a Journal

  1. Helps keep an individual’s thoughts organized by recording daily events and opinions on certain experiences.
  2. Helps us set and achieve our goals or ambitions as we can monitor our progress and improvise accordingly.
  3. Betters our writing skills and handwriting by writing our thoughts
  4. Recording ideas on the go anywhere and anytime. Sometimes, when our emotions are heightened we can calm ourselves too by just quietly writing.
  5. Improves communication skills and helps us express our ideas more broadly to another person.
  6. Reduces stress and anxiety that have accumulated in our heads over the years. It could be a great happy pill or stress reliever. Helps stop negative thoughts from running in our heads.
  7. Helps us come up with solutions to problems. Sometimes writing an issue might give us a solution in itself. Could make the solution simpler as it might not be as big as we were creating in our heads.
  8. Strengthens memory and helps find inspiration.
  9. Gives self-confidence and helps an individual to self-reflect.
  10.  Sharpens our creative and thoughtful side by imagining certain aspects of life. Writing true events in the best emotional way, so that one can feel the feeling every time they pick up to read the same pages.

Types of Creative Diaries One should keep

  1. Writing Journal or Idea Journal – These could be for writing endeavors, planning out articles, and story writings.
  2. Dream Journal – As the name suggests, this could be to write down one’s bucket lists, ambitions, and crazy imaginations.
  3. Food Journal – It is important to keep track of what we eat and how much we work out. Hence the food journal is the best solution for such notes.
  4. Travel Journal – Such journals could help one keep a record of visited places and crazy travel experiences.
  5. Art Journal – This could be turned into a scrapbook kind of journal filled with loads of drawings, colors, photos, etc.
  6. Poetry journal – Could be used to write deeper thoughts and sensitive poetries.

Nowadays, people prefer blogs, vlogs, and social media for such interests and activities. But, many still believe in these old-school practices and love to write abothemone.

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