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Why Do People Wear Jewelry and Prefer Gemstone?

Adoring ourselves has been a cultural norm and a part of our civilization for hundreds of years. It is why clothes satisfy us as we like to glow our lookup with certain accessories, including jewelry.

In ancient times articulates and proletarians used to decorate their bodies with animal bones and precious gemstones. However, wearing jewelry has stood the test of time, and for each person, every piece of jewelry holds different importance.

Psychology of People Behind Wearing Jewelry

According to Abraham Maslow, human beings have several layers of needs that are necessary for every individual to feel fulfilled. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and security.

Then when we move higher on the pyramid, we see psychological needs, including belongingness and self-esteem. At the top of the pyramid, there are self-fulfillment needs like self-actualization. However, satisfying the basic requirements is essential before going higher on the pyramid.

Wearing jewelry is a psychological need as it is not a fundamental need like goods, clothing, shelter, and security. However, jewelry might not contribute to the self-actualization needs of the people, but people can use it as an expression of creativity.

Jewelry and Belongingness

If we talk about animals, there are plenty of animal-like peacocks and frigate birds who use the visual display to seduce their mates. The same goes for humans as we think that wearing jewelry might make us look presentable and attract the attention of a potential partner. It means that wearing jewelry is a symbol of increasing our beauty.

It is an exciting thing to note that different pieces of jewelry highlight different body parts. For example, earrings highlight our ears and frame the face. Similarly, belly piercing makes our reproductive area prominent.  Wearing necklaces accentuates our breasts and wearing wedding rings indicates that we are married. Another important use of jewelry is to show the signs of engagement.

Jewelry and Self-Esteem

Possessing jewelry with valuable stones on it is a sign of wealth. For example, wearing precious gemstones like diamond, blue quartz gemstone for women, and black opal increases the jeweler’s value because such stones are rare to find.

When we talk about self-esteem and wearing jewelry, we see that it gives people a feeling of prestige and accomplishment to own rare and expensive; the rare the stones on your jewelry, the higher your financial status will be.

Jewelry and Self-Actualization

Wearing jewelry is like an expression of showing your identity. For example, one woman likes to wear silver jewelry, while the other likes gold jewelry. Whichever jewelry you choose offers what your personality is and what you want to show to the world. However, traditional gender roles are blurring, and men have also started embracing jewelry beyond cufflinks.

Gemstone Jewelry

Finding the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself or anyone else can be the most daunting task because of so many options available in the market. However, you will see that gemstone jewelry has been the most popular among other types of jewelry for ages.

Gemstones have been a part of jewelry since early civilization, and today the most beautiful jewelry must contain a precious stone to add a sense of beauty. However, besides the beauty, there are many benefits of wearing gemstone jewelry. A few benefits are as follows.

Benefits of Gemstone Jewelry

There are numerous reasons why people like to buy gemstone jewelry. A few are as follows.

Gemstone Jewelry has Versatile Designs

You can choose the gemstone of your choice for any piece of jewelry like rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. There is a wide range of gemstones like diamond, turquoise, and blue quartz gemstone for women from which you can select.

Gemstone Jewelry has Timeless Beauty

Gemstone jewelry takes you back to the older age and shows timeless beauty. Moreover, you cannot compare artificial jewelry with artificial jewelry. Wearing jewelry with gemstones like ruby is hard to replace with artificial jewelry. Therefore, if you want to achieve a stylish and luxurious look, you should wear gemstone jewelry.

Gemstones are Elegant

If you want to look elegant, you should opt for jewelry with gemstones. For example, if you wear jewelry with diamonds at a wedding or apart, you will get your desired elegant look. Similarly, various gems add an elegant touch to your eyes, like opals, emerald, and tourmaline. Rubies, topaz, sapphires etc.

Natural Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Another reason why people prefer wearing gemstone jewelry is that it contains unique health benefits. Following are a few natural health benefits that different gemstones provide.

Pearls: Pearls help control emotions, increase fertility, and improve the digestive system.

Sandston: Sandstone, also known as goldstone, generates positive energy and wards off the bad energy. Moreover, it helps in reducing arthritic pain and strengthens the bones.

Jade Gemstone: Chinese believe that jade brings wealth and health. Moreover, it balances our emotions in a balanced way and increases our inner peace, love, and stamina.

Quartz Gemstone: Quartz provides calm and inner peace. Moreover, they heal heartbreaks and provide soothing energy to you.

Moonstone: Moonstones help you get inner peace and reduce the signs of anxiety, insomnia, and increase creativity.

Aquamarine Gemstone: aquamarine stones are beautiful and help with our digestive system and reduce our eye and teeth problems. Moreover, they bring positive energy and bring happiness to the person wearing them.

Black Opal Gemstone: Black opal brings good luck and provides psychological benefits like self-confidence.

Diamonds: Diamonds are the most elegant and beautiful gemstones. They bring elegance to the look of the person wearing them. Other than the beauty of diamonds, they have various healing powers.

Bottom Line:

Jewelry having gemstones has a rich history, and people believe in their benefits. Other than the majestic benefits, jewelry with gemstones increases creativity, wards off negative energy, and treats amnesia among people. Therefore, while buying jewelry, you should prefer jewelry with gemstones. Moreover, you should not only look at their outer beauty but also consider their inherited benefits.

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