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Perks of Strength Training at Young Age

According to an old theory, strength training at a younger age affects the growth of children and also stunts their athletic development. Due to this, many parents have withheld their kids from strength training to enable their kids to enhance their performance potentials. However, there are certain exercises that a standard according to strength standard and age. There are many different exercises your kid could practice in order to get stronger and faster.

But before proceeding further, let’s make it clear how old are these kids that we are talking about? Well, you can assume anywhere from 10 to 12 years.

In these ages, ’ kids are more adaptable, and they can easily develop any body shape. In order to get a good body tendency, they need to do specific training every week. In these pages, they can easily develop three pillars of a good athlete, which are coordination, spatial awareness, and strength.

However, there should be some fun methods to train kids at these ages as it will keep them more interested in the training. Burnout is the main reason why many people avoid strength training for young athletes but making training fun is the best way to keep them engaged. They need to enjoy the training so that they do not even realize that they are training. The most fun and easy ways to train and develop three athlete pillars in kids, especially coordination and spiral awareness, are by using games like dodgeball, tag, and running through obstacles.

When it comes to strength training, less is more. You do not need to overtrain at that age. Athletes just need to be good at carrying things, squatting, push-ups variations, and planking. Many fathers are interested in making their kids better athletes. In this article, we will discuss the best exercise to train kids. They are quite young to lift heavy lifting, yet they should train enough to stay active throughout the year.

Athletes nowadays are becoming much competitive at quite younger ages. So, in order to make your athlete the best, you have to provide him with the edge he requires. Ensure your training is fun and your athlete loves his training as when an athlete becomes passionate about his profession, he becomes one of the best. Below are some basic forms of sports training for young athletes:

  • Body Weight Exercise

Kids of all ages can do this exercise, and the best body-weight exercise for athletes is pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups. A little exercise every day will make their base strong, which will make it safe for them to pursue a weightlifting career in the future. Generally, trainers suggest ten sets of these exercises and once their body gets used to it, then increase the amounts of sets and reps.

You can also make a competition or a contest in which the winner will get a reward. It will make these young athletes more encouraged. Most kids do not bother who is much stronger, but they are more interested in being more competitive. By doing this, you will add more fun to their training, and kids will be more excited every day.

  • Plyometrics

It is also a great way to build up stamina, flexibility, and strength. By using polymetric, you can enhance the athletic skills of your athlete, like hand-eye coordination and balance. Jump training is an excellent way to improve speed and strength. Some of the effective exercises of plyometrics are jumps on a box, lateral hurdle jumps, lateral jumps on a box, and squat jumps.

To build lower body strength, increase lateral speed and swiftness, squat forced moments are essential. Sprinting is the key to athletic development, but enduring training is not required at a very young age. Sprinting also helps to build lower body muscles and improve athletic abilities.

You can also enhance their strength with fun while throwing a medicine ball differently. To hit the upper muscles and core of your body, do a chest pass with a medicine ball or throw it across the body the switch.

  • Stretching

While your athlete is young, it is the best time to teach them the importance of warming up and cooling down the temperature of the body.  Stretching reduces the risk of injury and relaxes your muscle after work out. Before starting their workout, ensure that they jog. It will help them to be activated and warm up their body for the upcoming exercise, and after they are done with their work out make sure your athlete stretches for about 15 mins to relax their muscles and turn their body into athletic machines.

Now let us discuss how sports training helps to improve the posture and angles in young athletes:

  • Posture

When you are not active physically, you tend to have poor posture. When your athlete starts training at a very young age, he will naturally develop the best posture without unnecessary vitamin supplements. Because of too much shoulder rotating.

  • Foot Interaction

The exercise for most of the athletes is towards the ground, challenging for them to be low on feet. Follow this by coaching your athlete to pull the toe upwards after every contact. It will also help them to keep their chin at a proper angle.

  • Knee Drive

It is the most important feature of sprinting at every age, and it is essential to teach this method early so the young athletes can build upon it. Your knee will move up along with the heel, and the cycle will continue.

  • Heel Retrieval

Heel retrieval is vital as it keeps the foot interaction light and moves your knee up in an accurate spot. Mini obstacle training helps to develop heel recovery due to hurdles to step over.

  • Arms

Beginners often let their arms swing without control. However, the most important thing of accurate sprinting is to keep arms bend at 90 degrees towards the elbows. Also, it is vital to swing your arms at the sides.

Whether you are a parent training your kid on your own or a coach training a whole team, following these methods will turn your athlete into the best. While training an athlete, you do not only train them but make yourself physically active as well. Nowadays, every kid is spending so much time watching tv and playing video games; it is the perfect way to physically active them. So, they learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

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