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Pizza – A Beloved Food for All:

Pizzas are loved and admired by people of all ages. In the beginning, it was considered to be a meal for poor people. At that time, it was prepared with mozzarella and tomatoes. Later on, pizza became popular for the elite class when Queen Margherita ate it.

It has been started in the United States by Italians, and they started to serve pizza with sauces and spices like basil and garlic. Americans’ initiative made the pizza spread around the globe and has become an ideal and most loved dish. I love the pizza at my favorite restaurant that serves the best pizza in Oakland, Ca, because of its unique aroma and toothsome flavor.

Different pizzas attract different appetites. There is a huge variety of pizzas available. Not only you can have ready-made pizzas anywhere you go but can have the pizzas made out of the ingredients that are according to your choice. You will find a huge variety of flavors.

Different Types of Pizzas:

Here we will illustrate different types of pizzas along with their distinguishing tastes.

1.      Vegetarian Pizzas:

Vegetarian pizzas are unique pizza that makes them look and taste different from other pizzas because it is made up of vegetables. It is specifically for those who do not like meat and meat products rather prefer to eat vegetables. In addition to the vegetables, it also has mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, cheddar, and Mozzarella cheese.

Corn, onions, and olives are also present, but you can ask to remove them if you don’t want to have any specific ingredients. Moreover, if you wish to have an extra amount of any ingredient like cheese, you can request it and enjoy it to the fullest. Vegetarian pizzas are not only healthy food, but it is also low in calories.

2.      New York Pizza:

The pizza that children and people like to eat is the ‘New York Pizza.’ It is appealing because of its easy digestion and cheddar, tomatoes, and onion. This light and easy-to-digest pizza is made of tomatoes, cheddar, and onion. It is a light pizza with a thin crust, and sometimes it is prepared with ground mutton. One can have it according to his/her desire.

3.      Chicago Pizza:

It is a thick crust pizza with cheese and tomatoes that make it a layered pizza. It is a different type of pizza because of its high edges and thick layers of toppings. It is often termed deep-dish pizza because of its structure. This type of pizza can also be garnished depending upon your choices.

4.      Sicilian Pizza:

The Sicilian pizza is made for cheese lovers, for it contains Mozzarella cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese. It offers you a tempting taste as different cheese is melted, and the topping is prepared with dried tomatoes and certain spices. Its thin crust allows you to taste cheese better.

5.      Neapolitan Pizza:

The ingredients used in Neapolitan pizza are salami, sausage, corn, olives, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and eggs. People who love to relish intense tastes enjoy it because of the many ingredients that are used.

6.      Tuna Fish Pizza:

It is for seafood lovers. It is a simple and light pizza having onion, corn, cheddar cheese, thyme, basil, and tuna fish. It is appealing for the people who have weight loss plans and is generally helpful in weight control.

7.      Pizza Margherita:

This pizza takes its name from Queen Margherita and is also the first-ever pizza. It was prepared by Italian women during the war to overcome hunger. They made it by adding the ingredients that were easily available on the dough and would eat it. Nowadays, it is topped with mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil and is loved by Italians.

8.      Turkish Style Pizza:

Turkish-style pizza is according to the Turkish palate and is very famous among the Turks. They have an appealing taste because of the pastrami, which offers a different taste and flavor. People love this tasty pizza because of the abundance of spices and pastrami.

9.      Meatball Pizza:

Meatball pizza is a type of Turkish pizza. It is a type of pizza that contains the taste and aroma of Turkish cuisine, making it a mouth-watering one.

10.  Detroit Pizza:

It is rectangular and has a thick, chewy crust. Its crust is brushed with butter to give it a tempting taste. The depth and shape of pizza are achieved by baking it in trays prepared in Detroit industries giving it a crispy appearance at the bottom.

11.  St. Louis Pizza:

St. Louis pizzas possess a wafer-thin crust that makes them easily distinguishable from others. Its unique feature is that its dough is made without yeast. It is hard, and the pizza is cut into rectangular slices. This pizza is topped with a cheese called Provel, named after the city from where it was originated.

12.  Greek Pizza:

The most common pizza in New England and parts of New York State is Greek pizza with a spongy crust. It is not baked in common pans, but special shallow pans are used for baking them. This pizza combines with Greek cuisine to have a special taste.

13.  Breakfast Pizza:

Pizza is becoming an important part of brunch, whether you are home, office, or school. It has slowly acquired the place as a staple food for many. People on Sunday mornings love this breakfast pizza. People add their favorite breakfast items as toppings on their pizza-based toast and enjoy it.

14.  Bagel Pizza:

These are the small pizzas that are relatively easy to bake. A toasted bagel is used as a crust, and it is grilled until it turns golden. The toppings are based on your mood and taste. This bagel pizza acts as a favorite snack that can be prepared in a very short time.

 Tip for the Perfect Pizza:

The cooking method and dough preparation are some of the most important steps in making a pizza. Though the dough of the pizza changes according to the taste but pizzaiolos are of the suggestion that it must be thin enough. The dough of the pizza is important as it is baked, but it is the topping that makes a perfect and delicious pizza.

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