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What are the Popular Courses After 12th Commerce?

Commerce education plays a crucial role in the business world. 12th commerce courses teach about legal finances, business, taxation, communication, and others. It also includes the political, social, and technology systems of a country’s economy. No nation can develop without the help of the commerce industry.

It gives knowledge about business, production, and production. It also helps in Connecting producers to the last consumer by using advertisement, distribution, and other ways. 

Are you having a problem picking the right course that suits your preference and career development? Take a seat and read through the list of commerce courses, you will surely find your interest. 

Bachelor in Commerce

Bcom is a 3years undergraduate course and one of the most sought-after courses by commerce students in India. This course teaches aspirants all they need to know about business in general. The Basic and main subjects for commerce are accountancy, taxation, statistics, computer, and others. It is all about having knowledge and managerial skills.

With your degree, you can specialize or get a job in any of the below fields. Either banking or management sector. 

  • Tax Procedure 
  • Financial risk management
  • Insurance service
  • Foreign Trade 
  • Advertising and Sales Management 
  • Data Research Analyst and so on. 

Company Secretary 

CS is a 3-4years course, with three levels that need to be completed: foundation, executive, and professional. The responsibility of CS is to deal with any legal business activities, keep records, tax obligations, and many more within the company. They also act as a mediator between the board and stakeholder’s financial advisors, generating new business strategies, and resolving business disagreements. 

Any commerce students with a preference for theory law will enjoy this course. Because it teaches them about securities law, corporate law, lawful proposals, and company contracts which makes them experts. 

To become a unique company secretary, you need to understand and be aware of the responsibility. 

Hotel Management 

This course is available both for diploma and degree. The diploma is 1-3 years while the degree is 4years. Though the degree is more valuable than a diploma certificate. Hotel management is one of the most famous occupations in India among commerce students. 

Hotels are the fundamental part of the travel and tourism industry and have contributed to the growth of a country and global economy. 

Hotel management is among the most paid careers for commerce students. They bring the industry together to make it function and make their customers feel at home away from home. 

Bachelor’s in Economics  

B.E is a three years undergraduate course. It surveys the production, allocation, and final consumption of goods and services in a country. It teaches the student the basics and advanced concepts of economics in micro and macro. To research and study economics data problems and tendencies. 

Business skills, international ideas, agricultural improvement, and developing economy are also part of what you gain from this course. 

Any student with finance, banking, and any prominent corporate industries interest can apply for this course 

With the degree, you can be employed in one of the following position

  • Economist 
  • Economics teacher 
  • Sales Analyst
  • Investment administrator
  • Customer profit analyst 
  • Financial service managers. And so on.

Bachelor in Business Administration

 Business administration courses are some of the most studied courses among commerce students. It is a three years undergraduate course that impacts business management, administrative concepts, business principle, accounting skill, retail management, and more knowledge in the student. It also helps to enhance your managerial, communication, and entrepreneurship skills.

Students that plan to make a career in entrepreneurship, distribution of goods, estate management, and more business world can opt for this course, the best option. Either of the following fields marketing, human resource, or finance can be selected as a major or minor course during your studies. 

Here are the job opportunities for BA degree holders

  • Management consultant
  • Banker investors
  • Finance manager
  • Lectures in business department 
  • Research and development manager and more 

Chartered Accountant

It is one of the most challenging and sought-after courses for commerce students. It includes professional training, theoretical classes, and different categories of examinations. 

The certificate is granted worldwide excluding in the USA to professionals. This course will teach you taxation, reporting, corporate law, auditing, accounting, information technology, cost and accounting and financial management, and more. 

Chartered accountant courses are three-level 

  1. Common proficiency test (CPT)
  2. Integrated professional competence course (IPCC)
  3. Final course (FC)

Students can’t move to the next level without passing the first level. Students have to pass the three-level to receive to be certified, chartered accountant. Some students make more than two attempts to pass each level. 

List of job opportunities available for Charted accountant student

  • Internal auditing 
  •  Accounting and finance 
  • Taxation advisor 
  • Stock audit
  • Consultant
  • Teacher
  • Mergers and acquisitions and so on. 

What next?

Some might be asking what is the next step after a degree? For students that want to work in banks, you can start by writing bank exams for employment.

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