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Popular Playground Games You Can Try with Your Own Kids

Summer days are now numbered and fall is finally on the road. Either way, don’t have to be warm outside so you can enjoy outside playing time with your children on the playground. By dressing properly, you can really bring your children outside whatever season.

Why play outside important? Can’t you play with your children in the room too? Need a playground? Of course, you can still find things that must be done with children in the room. But there are several special health benefits related to getting outdoors. For starters, you and your children will get the chance to breathe in the fresh air. Spending time outside in the sun means the skin can change UV-B radiation to vitamin D which is needed for healthy bones too.

A creative way to bring a playground to your own backyard

Here are some classic playgrounds that are not difficult to translate to the backyard or your own entrance. Each of these games is quite simple to be arranged; In fact, some of them don’t even need any kind of physical setting! You might play most or all of this as your own child. And if your child doesn’t know some of these games, it’s time for you to introduce it!

Frozen tags

There are many variations in this Commercial Playground Equipment (such as tag mannequins, band-aid tags, etc.), but the basic premise is still the same. One person is “that,” and everyone walks away from “that.” But if you are marked, then you must freeze in place until another runner comes to give your tag, thus freeing you to run again. Children and adolescents tend to love this game, and it’s a great way to burn a lot of steam.

Follow the leader

This is fun for younger children and does not require previous planning or inventory. Basically, you just started walking around the property and instructing children to follow you to copy your every movement. Really everything is there, but the more creative you become, the more fun for your followers. Try running, jumping, skipping, or spinning in a circle – children will try and copy whatever you do, and sometimes the results are quite funny. If you find something interesting to see, stop to observe – everyone will do it too. Make sure that everyone gets their own chance to become a leader in this fun game;


All you need is a paved surface and several limes, and you are ready to set the Hopscotch game. Simple box images of the number 1 to 9 boxes to start the game, throw small markers – like stones, beanbags, small toys, or whatever you have – into square 1 and continue to raise the remaining numbers. Turn around and jump back towards the beginning, take your marker on the way back. Hand markers to the next player, and in your next turn, throw markers to the next number.

If a player throws a marker to the wrong number, or loses balance and falls, they come out of the round. The aim is to complete the entire course with markers on each number. This is a great game to play with children of all ages. It is a good idea to keep the game simple for younger children, and then ready to adjust the challenges properly for larger children.

Four square

Start by drawing a large box, then dividing it into four small boxes of the same size number 1 to 4. You reflect the ball among the players, bouncing once in the alums of others before the person caught it. When I play this as a child myself, we have many variations we might use – people in Square 1 can choose rules. Anyone who violates the rules must move down in rank, or finally, be removed with other players that spin to Square 4. Work well with a minimum amount of four players, unless you compile how to take turns.

Basketball playground.

As long as you have a basketball and a circle, there are many games that you can play with your children other than basketball regulation. For smaller groups and younger children, try the H-O-R-S-E game. This is a versatile and fun basket version that can be adapted for almost all ages and levels of ability. Players take turns trying to get a basket from five different locations near a circle, or with five different creative shots. If someone makes a shot, and the rest of the player misses, each other player gets a letter towards the word horse. The whole spell of the word, and you exit the game. You can also play games with short words like pigs or dogs. Or, you can choose to spell one of your children’s names for fun.


Badminton kits are not expensive to buy and arrange, but they provide a lot of backyard excitement for children and families. Every player has the racket they use to hit the Badminton shuttle (better known as Birdie) on the internet to other players. If the shuttle touches the ground, on the other hand, the opposing team gets points. The first team to reach 21 points won.

You can play badminton as a single, double, or team, and you can also adjust the rules to explain various age groups and capabilities. It’s better to play the game on a quiet day because the wind can bring a light birdie and thus make the game more difficult to play.

Outdoor bowling

There are many sets of outside bowling that you can buy, or you can also make your own set of items you have. Use a tall can or a 2-liter bottle, and place some sand or water in it to give a little weight. You can even be more creative with it and let children help you make a “pin” bowling as a craft project if you like. For example, you can use colored water in a bottle, or paint and decorate each individual “pin” if you like it.

You can use tennis balls, small basketball, or other types of balls that you might have. Alternately still a score, and also take turns helps set the pin after each round. Players with the most points at the end of the game win!

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