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Postmates Clone App

Postmates App is probably the Best On-Demand App that offers Instant Deliveries. Before these Delivery Apps, people used to take off a Specific Day out of their Schedule to go shop for Groceries, get their Medicines, or other household goods from Supermarkets. Also, people used to go out to take away their Food Orders or make something random to eat when feeling hungry in the middle of the night! However, all thanks to On-Demand Delivery Apps like the Postmates Clone app. One can now easily chow down a Burger King Whopper, get Fresh sweet-scented Lily of the Valley, or even a Bottled Water within a few clicks!


  • Browse Items You Want

The App Users can glance through the App, Search for the items they need or Browse the desired Category from the Menu to Add to Cart whatever they need. The Users can edit the Cart, Add, Delete, or change the Item Quantity to proceed to the Checkout Page!

  • Online Payment for the Order

Online Payments are quick and with several options available, the Users can avoid Cash Transactions. To begin with, the Users can Top-Up the In-App Wallet and pay using it. Or, they can add Credit/Debit Card Details. With just a few taps on the Smartphone Screen, App Users can Pay for their Order and opt for a Contactless Delivery at the Doorstep.

Remember, in Postmates Clone App, Contactless Delivery Option is available only on Online Payment Orders.

  • Assigning Delivery Driver

Any Delivery Driver who is nearby the selected Store or Supermarket is matched and quickly assigned as the App User’s Delivery Partner for the order! The App sends the Delivery Request to the nearest Delivery Drivers and as soon as they Accept it, Order Details appear on the Driver’s Screen!

The Drivers can view the Live Tasks such as Pickup Order, Upcoming Delivery, etc. on their Delivery Driver App.

  • Track the Delivery

On the Postmates Clone App Screen, the User will be able to see the Current Status of the Order. Also, they’ll be able to view and track the Delivery Partner’s Location on the Map! As soon as the Delivery Partner accepts the Service Request, the User’s Smartphone Screen displays Details like Driver’s Name, Ratings, Type of Vehicle and its Model, etc. Also, on top of the Driver Details, the User gets options for In-App Chatting, Calling, and Share.

  • Receive the Order

The Delivery Partner arrives at the Location and Delivers the Order. If it’s a Contactless Doorstep Delivery, they’ll leave the Package at the Doorstep. The Driver will Click and Upload the Picture of the Package as Proof! Thereafter, the App User gets the Notification ‘Order Delivered.’

However, if it’s a Cash On Delivery Order, the Delivery Partner will ring the User’s Doorbell, hand over the Order, and get the Hard Cash!

  • Ratings and Review

The wrath of the Lethal Covid-19 Virus isn’t over yet. And even if it is, Delivery Partners, Store Staff, and every other associated person are required to follow the Safety Measures! The Postmates Clone App follows stringent WHO Issued Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. Thus, as per the Rules, the Delivery Partners will Deliver the Items wearing an N95 Face Mask, Face Shield, Hand Gloves, and a Sanitized Uniform!

The User can cheer for the taken Measures and On-Point Services in the Rating & Review Section. Else, they can also complain about any minute inconvenience as well!


Every Aspiring Entrepreneur who wants to become the Next Giant of the On-Demand Industry can launch this App in just 7 Days! This Modern-Age, Powerful App is:

  • Developed with the Latest and Most Advanced Tech Suite
  • Has Assorted Covid-19 Features
  • It’s Feature-Rich
  • Has a Seamless Workflow that’s capacitated to drive more Business


Entrepreneurs, It’s time to launch the most Perfect App that’s already Designed and Coded to offer you an End-to-End Business Solution. Get the Ready-Made Fully-Functional, and Market-Tested Postmates Clone App. Establish a Multi-Billion Dollar worthy Startup with the most Affordable Delivery App!

Are you ready to become a Famous, Rich, and Successful Entrepreneur of 2022? If yes, then call the White-Labeling Experts right now!

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