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Private Investigator for Child Custody

No one is perfect, and it is understandable to have complications in the marriage. However, sometimes complications can lead to divorce. For many parents, one of the most crucial and difficult things to decide after a divorce is figuring out a private investigator for child custody.

Every parent wants the best for their children. However, when children are involved, it becomes the responsibility of the court to decide how custody will be shared and how parents will have to handle their issues.

The court sometimes hires private investigators for child custody as it allows the court to gather evidence and useful information that helps the court make the right decision for the child.

Types of Child Custody Agreement

Getting a divorce and then being unable to reach an agreement can lead to evidentiary hearings or trials. In these trials, each parent’s point of view is heard and presented with evidence. The court makes the final decision after the trial or hearing.

Once the judge approves the agreement and files it in court, it becomes the court order. And any violation of the order is challenged in court.

Though there are different types of child custody agreements, the most common of them are

Sole custody, physical custody, and joint custody.

Sole Custody

In this form of custody, one parent is given all the rights related to the child, and only that one parent decides what is best for the child. This type of custody is rare and is only given if the other parents cannot take care of the child because of issues like their abusive behavior or drug addiction. So, the unfit parent gets no custody over the child, and they are not responsible for anything.

Sole custody also has two further arrangements, including

Sole Legal Custody- In this type of arrangement, parents have the right to choose schooling, medical care, and various other matters for the betterment of children, and they can do it without considering the wishes of another parent.

Sole physical custody

In this custody, the children live with only one parent, and the other parents do not need to confer on how the child is raised. The parent who does not have custody can give regular visits to the child except the court thinks that these visits are not in the interest of the child.

Joint Custody

In this custody, both parents are equally involved in the upbringing of the child. When joint custody is given to the parents, the child moves back and forth to the residence of each parent, and in this arrangement, both legal and physical custody is granted, and both parents cooperate in deciding how to raise the child, just like during the marriage.


In the third form of custody arrangement, the children live with their grandparents. The parents who are given physical custody raise the child and take care of their needs.

If the circumstances become difficult, the kids might be granted to noncustodial parents by the courts. However, still, the rights of grandparents to meet the kids will be granted if the court determines the relationship of kids with their grandparents is healthy.

Normally grandparents are given custody of the child if either the real parents die or if they are not fit to provide care to the child.

Signs Indicating the Need to Hire Child Custody Investigator

It might feel like a huge and frightening move to hire a private investigator for child custody. After all, you are asking someone else to conduct research and unquestionably conduct surveillance on your ex-partner or a person with whom you share a child.

In some circumstances, engaging a child custody detective is the best course of action. The evidence she or he obtains may be able to provide you with the proof you need to reap the benefits of a good custody arrangement and keep your children safe.

Here are some of the reasons for hiring a child custody expert

Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse can threaten children, but proving this in court can be challenging. This is because adults are allowed to have alcohol. However, it is only allowed as long as they do not break any other laws. Private investigators can assist your kid’s other parent in determining if they are abusing or overdosing on the substance in a way that puts your child in danger.

Any Other Risk

Courts usually do not consider the new romantic relations that parents have. However, if the other parent puts the risk on the safety of the child, then it is important to gather some proof about that. The investigator can do a background check of the new romantic partner and see if their presence can have a negative impact on the child.

Neglection and Abuse

Some parents choose to ignore or mistreat their children on purpose. Many children are hesitant or humiliated to inform other adults that they are being mistreated, which is a terrible truth. Children may not even realize they are being abused or neglected in some circumstances.

Abuse and neglect are unquestionably linked to custody choices, and you must be aware of them if they occur.

Experienced investigators can assist in determining whether or not abuse or neglect has happened, along with providing proof of both.

The Child is Not Receiving Right Care

If you are sharing custody, there are chances that you might be worried if the other parent is giving appropriate care to the children. If you feel that other parents cannot take proper care of the child and they might be abusive in nature, you should hire a private investigator to check in on them.

A private investigator can look at the whole scenario and investigate the behavior of other parents. It will give the investigator proof of the type of parenting the kid is getting from other parents.

What Does an Investigator Do?

An investigator conducts a background check and gathers evidence and proof of the other parent and how they spend time with their children. If the parent is not treating the children rightly, the evidence will be sent to court.


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