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Child Custody, Its Types, and the Role of Private Investigator

Child custody is a perplexing subject for most parents. If a person has never gone through a child custody lawsuit, they may become confused at the beginning regarding different aspects of child custody. To understand child custody, we must break it down into much simpler terms to fully grasp the intricacies.

The first thing every parent should know about is the childcare and how they should proceed during the child custody lawsuit. It might be a daunting task, but it is necessary for the parents going through a child custody case.

The next thing every parent must understand is the types of child custody available. There are various child custody types from which the parents can select to resolve the custody case efficiently.

Types of Child Custody

A parent fighting for the custody of a child must understand that there are two forms of custody.

  1. Legal custody
  2. Physical Custody

These categories get further divided based on whether they pertain to a single parent or both parents. A custody arrangement might compel one parent to have sole legal custody while the other might be shared physical custody of the kid.

Legal custody

Physical custody of a kid is different from legal custody as legal custody decides which parent has authority over the kid’s upbringing. The parent who has legal custody of the kid spends all the money on the kid’s upbringing. That parent takes care of their education, including their schooling, religious upbringing, and medical care.

Physical Custody

Physical custody entails the day-to-day caring obligations of the parent. The parent who has physical custody of the kid keeps the kid with themselves. So, in this way, physical custody is different from legal custody as it includes the child’s principal residence.

It implies that the parent with physical custody of the kid is responsible for providing the child with necessities, including food, clothes, and housing.

Other Types of Child Custody

Other types of child custody that a parent might want are as follow.

Full custody

Full custody refers to a parent having physical and legal custody of a child. It is different from sole custody as the other parent can’t visit the child in full custody.

Sole Custody

Sole custody implies that just one person who shares parental responsibility has custody of the kid. Moreover, sole custody can be either legal or physical, which means that just one parent has custody of the kid, but the other parent can come and visit the child.

Joint Custody

Children usually favor that both the parents have custody of them. In such a case, the parents can share the custody and spend equal time with their children. Research also shows that the children can benefit from co-parenting arrangements and can flourish in a better way.

However, one thing that is not negligible is that shared custody works best when parents live close to each other. It is because it allows the kids to live a normal life. One more thing to remember is that shared custody does not always imply a 50/50 split.

Children frequently reside with one parent where they go to school. However, they might go live with the other parent at night or during the weekends. In some cases, one parent has primary custody. The parent with primary custody is still referred to as the parent with custody.

Child Custody Case Investigators

You can hire a child custody case investigator if you want to win a custody case. The investigator will seek objectively for a child’s best interests and care. Moreover, private investigators for child custody can help you win the case using their expertise and knowledge.

You can hire them for various reasons. For example, you can hire them to assess how other parent treats their children. You can then provide this information to the court and win your child’s custody.

Investigators can also undertake surveillance during a custody inquiry. It allows them to understand better how parents treat their children if they are unaware of the surveillance. Private investigators can document cases of abuse or neglect by filming or photographing parents interacting with their children.

Benefits of a Child Custody Case Investigator

After you hire a child custody investigation team, they will undertake a series of investigations that will allow them to monitor the other parent. There are various things that the investigator looks for. These things include checking their driving skills, alcohol consumption, drug usage, physical and verbal abuse with the kid, and lawfulness.

Suppose the private investigator near me discovers evidence that the parent is not suitable to look after the kid. In that case, they have the legal right to take this evidence to the court and request a modification to your original custody arrangement.

If you are thinking about taking your ex-spouse to court to request a modification to the original custody arrangement, the first step is to contact private investigators. Private detectives will collect the facts needed to establish that the other parent cannot currently afford to raise a child.

A fantastic benefit of hiring a private investigator near me is that they efficiently recognize terrible situations that need immediate action for the sake of a child. Moreover, professional investigators respond to the demands of their clients by resolving their issues.

Therefore, if you need help or have any quires in mind, you can contact a private investigator near me as they will efficiently help you.

Bottom Line

This article discussed the types of child custody and the benefits of hiring private investigators. Private investigators can help you prove in court that your ex-partner is not capable enough to take care of your child.

Therefore, if you have any issues regarding child custody, you can contact a private investigator near me and resolve your issues.

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