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According to psychology, the behavior of color perception has a strong influence on the mood and personality of people. We usually don’t pay attention to the colors around us, but as long as the eyes see and sense a certain color, they communicate with the brain, with the nervous system to send signals to the system. The endocrine system secretes hormones that change people’s emotions and moods.

According to marketing expert Neil Patel, “Color affects 85% of the reason to buy a particular product”. Therefore, whether a product is well received by the customer depends largely on the harmonious color combination in the design. Unique and strange colors and new and creative color combinations will bring customers an interesting feeling, even excited, eager to wait for the product as soon as they see them. Properly selected colors motivate viewers’ minds to take actions such as researching products, getting to know a business, and being able to immediately order it.

Therefore, carefully study the basics of color psychology to be able to find the right color for the product, to transform old products with newer designs and designs, Newer colors will bring high efficiency to the business from product consumption to revenue and profit. Each color symbol has a different style, in order to convey the correct message that the product of the business wants to bring to customers, the designer needs to understand the meaning and influence of the color. A list of color meanings below will help you to make changes in the mindset and identity of your product or brand in the eyes of your customers.

Red – Full of energy

Red – the color of power, of passion, strong at work, full of energy in life, or attractive, attractive and sexy in love. A bright, fiery red color represented a decisive determination in all matters. This color brings two different states of status, both good and bad, if you know how to coordinate thoroughly, it will bring a lot of emotions to the viewer.

In the logo, red is widely used in the food and entertainment industries because it is a strong visual stimulus. For example, Coca-Cola has taken full advantage of red to highlight its brand in all soft drinks, or like KFC fast-food restaurants use red as the main color tone to stimulate customers. come eat more. However, you should not overdo the red color too much to avoid negative reactions, to know how to combine with other colors more gently to reconcile this hot color.

Many brands choose red as their brand identities such as Youtube, CocaCola, …

Yellow – The color of warmth

Yellow is the color of sunlight, bringing joy, showing warmth and optimism in life. In addition, this color symbolizes a non-stop creation, always changing, refreshing yourself, everything around. When designers use this color, they show that they are confident people, always looking for something new, outstanding, and a break. This will excite the audience, causing their excitement for their product. A typical example of using yellow in its brand is Snapchat – a mobile social network that is loved by young people because of its higher speed of access than Facebook Messenger or Zalo, which sends text messages. limit the number of recipients. Or like McDonald’s, the golden M of the fast-food brand, is more famous than the Christian cross because of its creativity in the design of the letters as well as the combination of the prominent yellow color among the crowd.

Blue – Trust

Blue is one of the most popular colors because it creates a sense of comfort, peace, and tranquility every time you look at it. It is not too bright like yellow or red or orange, nor too dark, gloomy like black or gray, it blends the other colors to bring sympathy to the viewer whenever looking at anything. Therefore, many brands in the world have taken advantage of the inherent advantages of blue to create brands, convey messages to users in order to bring a sense of trust to customers in their products. business yourself. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter …, major brands in the world such as Samsung, Unilever, Ford … or in Vietnam, Vinamilk, Vinaphone … all apply this color to build their own brand image. business, foster trust, increase trust and provide a sense of relaxation to users.

Green – Symbol of freshness

Green is the color of nature, of the environment, of plants and flowers. It brings balance and harmony, is the bridge between colors to bring a relaxed, fresh, cool feeling to the viewer. Therefore, green is often used by brands with environmental products or organic brands to bring a sense of safety to the user because it has a hint of natural origin. Beauty cosmetics for women such as Innisfree or The Face Shop of Korea choose the main color of green with the meaning of natural beauty, which is welcomed, used, and humorous by many young people. heart.

Green is also the chosen color tone of Starbucks coffee brand, expressing closeness to nature, evoking relaxation, a sense of peace, trust, and hope.

Black – The color of mystery

Black for a different subject gives a different symbolic meaning. Black for the gentlemen expresses strong, powerful, elegant, mixed with a little classic but has a mysterious feature, an irresistible charm in a woman. Black is the brand’s color, evokes elegance and class, shows a strong but also classic. Therefore, luxury items such as world-famous fashion brands Dior, Chanel or Michael Kors, Prada … use black to increase sophistication or logo image of sports shoe brands that many people know. such as Adidas, Nike, Puma … using black as the main color tone to show a healthy, strong but full of personality.

White – Purity

The purity, purity, and holiness of white in building brand image create a sense of safety for the viewer, especially for products related to medical services, healthcare, or utensils intended for pregnant women, and young children. Brands not because of the simplicity of this color, but losing the sophistication of their product designs, still create a distinctive, minimalistic detail as possible. Apple’s image shows a simple white background with an apple “half bitten” – a breakthrough beyond the logo of an enterprise, which has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world, loved all over the world and appeared everywhere.

Curiously, each business has its own set of brand identities, but there are many brands that match each other, even the same color tone and color scheme. However, each brand has a characteristic to make its mark in the eyes of the customer, which is called being in the “top-of-mind” of the customer and great success in transmission. communicate the trademarks of those brands.


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