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Raf Lindia: An Inspiring Author of The Modern Era

Presently residing in New York, Raf Lindia is a passionate writer who likes to produce romantic, thriller, and suspense novels. He aims to achieve popularity and eminence globally. Currently, his books have developed a wide reader base in Italy and America.

The Best Romantic Novel of 2022 by Raf Lindia

 “A One Way Ticket” is a story of a young man who has fallen in love with a charming girl. Both have found their way to peace and sanctity after developing an intimate relationship. Their love lives blossom under the shades of compassion, trust, and respect for each other.

However, after graduation, Robert and Patty decide on their future, whether they will stick together or part ways. Patty remains adamant about her decision; she wants to spend the rest of her life with Robert. However, Robert has different plans.

Robert is the main protagonist of the story. He is the son of an experienced and respected lawyer while Patty is the daughter two high school professors. As the story unfolds, their relationship also opens up.

Robert accedes to his father’s proposal of focusing on his career rather than his love life. Patty, on the other hand, is shell-shocked upon his decision and finds no place to hide and shed her tears.

Penned by the Italian author, Raf Lindia, “A One Way Ticket” is a love story that will reside in the hearts of many.

A Tale of Mystery by Raf Lindia

Shakespeare: Conspiracy of Silence” is a mystery novel penned by the Italian author, Raf Lindia. It sheds light on the renowned origins of the English playwright, William Shakespeare.

The story commences with the tragic murder of five women found dead with no traces of the killer. Police detective, Francesco Marchese, rushes to the crime scene to pick up leads and follow his instincts to chase down the actual culprit behind it.

Little does Marchese know about the grim reality, the dangers that lurk ahead, and the contradictions that can surface. However, he understands that it is not the job of a single individual but a gang or mafia that operates secretly.

The story shapes up interestingly in the following phases. Marchese meets Luigi Capra – a persuasive and conniving journalist who is looking for the scoop that can transform his career.

About the Author

Most of Raf Lindia’s work is written in the Italian language. However, due to public demand, some of his books, namely “Shakespeare: Conspiracy of Silence” and “A One Way Ticket” are translated into English.

His collection includes La Moglie del Sindaco (Italian Edition), La Stanza del Rettore (Italian Edition), Il Ponte di Fango (Italian Edition), Shakespeare L’Ultimo Dilemma (Italian Edition), and La Vita non è un Sogno (Italian Edition).

Raf has been an inspiration for writers around the globe. His style is unique and innovative; he can blend romance with other genres to engage and mesmerize readers. His latest book is a testament to this fact.


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