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Rajmachi Trek- My Guide

Region – Maharashtra

Duration – 4 to 5 hours

Trekking Grade – Easy

Maximum Altitude – 3000 feet

Trekking Distance – 14 Kms

Base camp – Udhewadi

Best time to visit – June to February

Rajmachi trek located on the Sahyadri mountains is the most simple as well as beautiful trek among tourists and nature lovers. At the end of the trail, there stands the Rajmachi fort at the height of 2,750 feet overlooking the Bhargoot pass and serves as a major old trade route during the Maratha Empire. It was built by Shivaji during the 17th century. The fort is further divided into two namely Manaranjan and Shrivardhan the ancient forts where you will discover the uniqueness of the same. 

The trek involves the visit to Bhairavnath temple, Mahadev temple, and Rajmachi lake too. So get ready to witness the ruins of forts, numerous waterfalls, temples, and the ancient Buddhist caves which will indulge trekkers to pass through the dense forests. 

It also serves best for camping in Rajmachi where one can enjoy its breathtaking beauty. While camping and witness the sunset and sunrise views which you have never seen before so beautifully. 

It is the best trek for beginners as the altitude is not much high and the trek route is simple and well-marked without any complexities. Hence one can go here without any guide and cherish nature and its views. 

Trekking during the monsoon period is the most adventurous and challenging as well because of the mud paths one has to cross. Udhewadi village serves as the base camp for the Rajmachi trek. 


Now Rajmachi trek offers two routes, the one from Tungarli near Lonavala which will take about 6 hrs to reach Rajmachi and hence a longer one. However, the other route is from Kondivade village, the Karjat route which can be reached to Rajmachi in 5 hrs. So it is up to you to take which route and if you take the shortest route which is the Kondivade route then you may visit a lot of Buddhist caves along the way. 

Journey to Rajmachi trek:

Rajmachi trek indulges one to visit this place not only once but twice and thrice by its magnificent beauty which will enforce you to visit more and get immerse in its nature again. 

As you pass the trek you witness jaw-dropping views all along the way as you pass through numerous small beautiful waterfalls making you refreshed and you can also have a bath in these waterfalls which will re-energize you and will give you the feeling of purification. 

There are small food joints on the way which will satisfy your hunger and there you can have tea with pakoras making it. The best combination of eating in front of the lush mountain ranges. After a 2.5 hrs walk. You reach the base village and can have a rest and localize with the people there. Udhewadi village also offers you the opportunity to visit Shirota lake which is just a few kilometers from it. 

From there on as you start ascending further you will reach the fort in approx 45 minutes to 1 hr. And there you enjoy the stunning views of the lush green Western Ghats. It is although more incredible to watch this beauty and it will surely make the memory of your lifetime. 

So there you can visit the two fortified forts separating the two peaks also. The fort also has a few temples, water reservoirs, caves, ramparts, and the ruins of the fortification. Which will not bore you but instead provide you with a great amount of peace and serenity.

The climb on this trek is as delightful and adventurous as much as. The structure at the top which will not make you feel bored anytime. And what adds charm to this journey is the fireflies. Which you can see in May and June specifically and hence enjoy. The glory of these fireflies in a large proportion whereas in a small area. It looks utterly beautiful as you see and it felt like a Christmas tree with twinkling lights. 

So you are all set to know all about this trek. We wish you a happy and wonderful journey to the Rajmachi trek. Which will make you unravel the actual and absolutely mesmerizing beauty of Rajmachi. 

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