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The Popular Hobby of Collecting Rare Stamps

One of the favorite hobbies of kids in the past was collecting old and vintage stuff. Most of the children loved collecting coins, rare stamps, currency notes, and postcards.

Today, the kids have fashionable smartphones and gaming consoles, and collecting the most wanted rare german stamps is not even trendy. However, avid collectors still love to find places and stores where they can get their hands on vintage stamps. A person who collects stamps is known as a ‘Philatelist.’

The Trend of Buying Rare Stamps Online

A few years back, before e-commerce, collecting classic stamps of value required persistence and patience. The old pawn shops and antique shops usually kept collectible and vintage items. But it was time taking to search for a particular item you wanted to buy.

Fast forward 20 years, and today few online stores offer all kinds of collectibles. You only have to make an account and browse through a wide range of old items such as coins, banknotes, and stamps. The best thing about online stores is that you only have to write one word and get the exact thing you are searching for.

The old and vintage items are classified according to a particular category, making searching quite simple and easy. As a stamp collecting enthusiast, you do not have to spend time in shops and order online. Searching for antique rare stamps in a store is very time-consuming, and many times, you end up empty-handed after spending hours.

The first stamp was ‘One Penny Black of Great Britain’ in 1840 and depicted a young monarch. In the 19th and even 20th centuries, collecting most wanted rare german stamps was the world’s most popular hobby. The peak of collecting stamps was the mid-20th century when everyone in the family loved collecting any stamp they could find.

You still may have a treasure chest full of the belongings of your grandparents. If you are lucky, then you will find different types of stamps. There are few very rare stamps, and every avid philatelist wished to have them, such as the rare third Reich stamps.

The Things to Know About Stamp Collection

If you have a passion for collecting stamps but cannot find the time, you can easily start now. First, you need to know the type of stamps, which includes

  • Commemorative: These are large and vibrant most wanted rare german stamps usually denoting important personality or occasion
  • Special: The stamps for special events such as Holiday celebrations, Priority Mail, and Express mail
  • Definitive: These are also small stamps that are printed in large quantities

The second aspect you want to consider is a specific type such as

  • By country: You can get rare stamps of the country you are living have visited or any country you like
  • Worldwide: There are over 10,000 stamps released worldwide from which you can choose from. Also, you can search among thousands of old stamps
  • By topic: Apart from popular personalities, the stamps are classified according to certain animal, plant, bird, sports, and cartoon character
  • Mint and used: The two options people like to buy are mint that is never used before and cost more, and used stamps that are easier to buy.

The third step is determining where to buy stamps from

  • Getting them from the local post office
  • Finding a reputable stamp collector who may have extra stamps that you can buy
  • Asking family, friends, and relatives
  • Going online and buying from an online store that offers a wide range of vintage most wanted rare german stamps
  • Attending an auction event where you get a chance to get a wide variety of antique things along with old stamps
  • Joining a local stamp club or online forum where avid philatelists discuss old classic stamps and where to buy them from

How to Store Stamps

The vital step after getting the stamps is to store them. The best option is an album as rare and old stamps are sensitive to touch and easily torn off. Some of the tools that stamp collecting enthusiasts keep are

  • Magnifying glass: Helps to examine each minute detail of a classic stamp
  • Perforation gauge: To analyze any perforations along the sides of the stamp
  • Tongs: Allows to pick and move the stamps easily
  • Watermark detector fluid: To enhance any watermark that may be present during the development of the stamp

The transparent plastic album helps to prevent the most wanted rare german stamps from air and humidity. To know about particular stamps, then you can get a stamp catalog. You will get to know the details about the stamps and how much the stamps are worth.

Are Rare Stamps Worth Collecting?

Most people today collect stamps due to their particular association with their childhood memories. A few years back, stamps used to get attached to postcards and gifts. The stamps depict a story, and in recent times, there has been an increasing trend of collecting themed stamps.

Many people love to collect stamps but want to know if it’s valuable or not. In ancient times, rare stamps had monetary value, but today most people collect stamps as a hobby. Apart from being a hobby, most wanted rare german stamps also serve as education for young kids.

The two factors you need to know to determine the value of a vintage stamp are

  • Condition

The old stamps have a clear indication of fading along with hinge marks.

  • Gum

The adhesive on the back of the stamp is another factor. There are many most wanted rare german stamps, and usually, the unused most wanted rare german stamps will retain adhesive

You can even consult an expert collector of stamps if you get your hands on vintage stamps.

Fortunately, today you can easily make a collection of stamps. You can search for stamps online and buy them. It is easy to make an account and buy stamps, similar to buying other things online. Once you have made an account, you browse the categories and add the rare stamps, currency notes, or coins to the cart. Not only do you get an affordable price, but buying in bulk also reduces the cost.


Stamp collection is again becoming a popular hobby, thanks to online stores. You can get your hands to even the rarest of stamps and other collectibles. Each stamp collector knows about the thrill and excitement in searching and then ordering rare stamps. You can easily make an album of most wanted rare german stamps and flaunt it to your friends and relatives.

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