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Reasons Why Trend of DVD’s Will Not Die Anytime Soon

Back in the day, DVDs and Blu-ray used to be one of the best gifts for movie lovers. People would build collections of all their favorite films. Since the rise of streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other services, people are getting most of their entertainment from these streaming services.

However, while Netflix and Amazon Prime have distinct advantages, they cannot present your identity and view as pile plastics cases do.

Do you remember the time when you used to go to the DVD store to buy your favorite series or spend time finding out the desired disc to watch on the weekend?

Although this trend has been reduced and you won’t find many DVD stores like old times as the market for physical DVDs is shrinking, that does not mean that people have stopped collecting DVDs.

The DVDs are still in demand and used by 20% of the population. You can buy classic cinema DVDs from many online websites.

Many aged people and parents may not know how to stream movies online, and there are so many online ads played while watching movies that can be quite confusing and irritating for them. Therefore, they usually prefer watching a movie through DVD and enjoy it without facing the irritation of ads in the middle.

Video Files are not Collectable

The argument between digital media and physical media has been going on for years. Although digital media is cheaper and provides a practical format, physical media has advantages too. You can make a collection of your favorite movies in the form of DVDs. Through an online website, you can easily create an online account and easily order your favorite classic cinema DVDs. The movies are also categorized according to genre/type.

The people who are collectors will obviously prefer DVDs when it comes to movies. These are physical objects that were made somewhere; these DVDs come in presentable boxes that make it fascinating to collect all parts of a series or movies and stack them in your drawer.

Analog Experience is Still King

Even after advancements in technology and trend towards digital marketing, people are still buying CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. The experience of taking a disc out of its case and playing it through a media player cannot be replaced with anything else.

People having functional DVD players and laptops can easily watch their preferred movies. Streaming service requires a stable internet connection while for DVDs to be played you are not bound with any limitation just play your favorite movie on the media player and enjoy it. 

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