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When & How Can I Remove Scabs or Crust After a Hair Transplant Surgery?

A hair transplant is the best method for those who are fed up with the lack of hair on the scalp. It is a blessing for those who are looking for the regrowth of hair on the scalp. However, every surgery has an impact on the affected area as well as the area in its vicinity. The causes may vary as per surgical and personal reasons.

Scans are also one of the impacts of hair transplantation surgery. Although the formation is unavoidable, the signs can still be suppressed. If you are looking for ways to get rid of the scans formed right after the hair transplantation, read this write-up and increase your information.

A hair wash after 72 hours

Hair wash is generally not advisable after a hair transplantation procedure. However, for the sake of hygiene, it is important to wash the scalp after 72 hours of the surgery. Use the chemicals or products, only as per the names mentioned in the prescription.

Most of the chemicals would be harmful to the hair as they might cause the newly developed hair to react with it. However, if this is done with the help and consultation of the doctor, it would be fine. Avoid using water as a whole as it removes the chemical adhesive, used by the doctor.

No Handpicking the Scab

The irritation that might be caused in the skin after the transplantation, would force you to scratch them off, with only your hand. For this purpose, one must remember that they must not scratch it off by hand. This might raise the infection and increase irritation. Also, there can be bleeding and other signs of irritation in the skin.

The scale of the irritation caused by the scab on the scalp is the natural reaction of the body to the treatment. Any sort of interference in this would make the reaction worse with time. Also, this enhances the probability of the hair scalp getting infected.

A gentle underwater massage is helpful

Since the treatment would have many side effects, the doctor would advise you to have a massage on the hair scalp. This will strengthen the scalp and allow the hair growth to be strong. The products used for massaging would be as per the recommendation of the doctor. Other products would be harmful to the scalp.

Remember, don’t be too fast on the scalp. Use gentle products as well as gentle speed. If possible, you can use gentle oils that would help in the reduction of hair fall. These oils are mostly made from herbs known for special qualities.

Use saline spray

Doctors recommend using saline spray after the surgery. This is useful in case of an itchy and rough scalp. It is obvious that the scalp may turn dry and rough after the surgery. To increase the speed of the healing process and strengthen the hair regrowth process, it is necessary to use saline spray, along with the products that are prescribed in the prescription.

The frequency of usage of the saline spray would be as per the directions of the doctor and the sensitivity of the skin. However, this may also depend on some other factors. Your doctor would make it clear and help in the fast regrowth of the hair.

Allow natural healing and drying of the scabs

Your body has a  natural tendency to tolerate everything. Any sort of interference in these processes might bring the worst causes to light and let them ruin the healing. In simple words, this may cause the worsening of the symptoms and cause deterioration in the natural healing process. A process is best completed when it occurs at its own pace, unlike the impact that is seen after the interference of the patient.

The consequences of this may also be seen in the enhanced duration of the side effects. The irritation and redness of the scalp may enhance and worsen along with the condition like bleeding and other issues. So, it is better and advisable to allow the body to complete its healing journey, all by itself.


If you are one of the patients who have been looking for solutions to see the regrowth of your hair, any closer one might have suggested the process of hair transplantation.  However, before going for any surgery, it would be nice to research the side effects too. For example, hair transplantation gives many side effects that invite the assistance of the doctor.

All the aspects of hair transplantation have been discussed, along with the side effects and the doctor’s advice. If you need a session and consultation to know the effects of hair transplantation, always prefer going to the experts. One such option is going for a Dubai hair transplant.

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