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Repair Your Garage Door Instead of Replacing It

The family home is the single largest asset most of us have. That’s why, whether you’re planning to sell your place in a couple of years, or you intend to stay there long term, the resale value of your home has to be taken into account when you carry out major home improvements or repairs.

In terms of your home’s value, your garage is a critical factor. It makes up a big chunk of your home’s façade and has a major influence on its kerb appeal. Research from the US shows that new garage doors can increase the listing price of a home by up to 4%. That’s why, apart from any safety or convenience factors, having properly functioning garage doors that complement and enhance your home is important.

At Canberra Garage Doors, they know that replacing your existing garage doors may not always be necessary.  Depending on the condition of your doors, repair may be a better, more cost effective option.

But How Do You Know When to Repair or When to Replace? Here Are a Few Questions to Ask Yourself When Making the Decision:

  • How old is the garage door?
  • Is your garage door currently safe to use?
  • What condition is your garage door in?
  • Parts need repairing or replacing?
  • Condition is your remote door opener in?
  • Your budget?

When to Repair

If one of these issues has occurred problems occurs, you may be able to hire a garage door repair service to repair or refurbish it instead of replacing the doors

  1. Your Garage Door Suddenly Stops Working

You jump in the car, press the magic remote and … nothing happens. Don’t panic. Your natural assumption might be that you are uyp for a door replacement, but a sudden breakdown like this is typically an easier fix as the issue tends to be isolated, and hasn’t been going on for ages developing irreparable damage.

The first step before you call anyone is to check the batteries in the remote to make sure they haven’t gone flat. If that’s not the problem, call a professional to diagnose and repair the problem.

  1. Your Garage Door Has a Damaged Panel

Accidentally back into your garage door? This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re up for a new door. With some door styles, this repair can be easy and affordable. Damaged panels should be fixed as soon as possible to keep the repair cost-effective. Ignoring the problem could cause the issue to affect the operation of the door and make the repair more expensive.

  1. Your Garage Door Feels Heavy

Garage doors are quite heavy. The springs that help lift some garage door can begin to wear down with thousands of repeated uses. These springs reduce the power needed by the lift motor and enable you to open the door manually in a power blackout.

A heavy door may mean your springs are worn. This is usually an affordable fix with a simple replacement of the springs. Both of the springs should be replaced so that the door stays balanced.

  1. Your Garage Door Is Out Of Kilter

If one side of the door appears looks to be lower than the other when the door is half open,  you most likely have an imbalanced door. This could indicate that your door is putting an additional burden on the lifting mechanism, increasing wear and tear.

Balance is essential to the smooth operation of a garage door. If one side sags, one of the springs may be more worn than the other. A professional firm like Canberra Garage Doors will replace the springs and re-hang the door, restoring its balance.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

There comes a point where repairs become too difficult or expensive. Here are some indicators that your door may need replacing:

  1. Has Been Broken For A While

Problems that have been neglected for a longer period often require a replacement. Because garage doors open and close so many times each week, even a small problem can cause compounding damage over these many uses. Eventually, the damage is significant enough that the door must be replaced.

  1. Been Broken Into

If thieves have broken in through your garage door, It is strongly recommended to replace the door. Though you might think resetting the security code will suffice, you aren’t aware of exactly how the intruder/s gained access, so that may not be the answer. Installing a new garage door is the best way to make sure your home is secure.

  1. Garage Door Has Significant Damage

There’s a big storm. A tree branch comes down – right onto your garage door. Major damage like this means a garage door repair job may not cut the mustard. When the damage is significant, replacement is often the only cost-effective option.

  1. No Child Safety Sensors

All new garage doors include sensors that stop the door moving when they detect a child, animal, or other object underneath the door. This safety feature can prevent injuries and damage to items in the garage. If your existing door doesn’t have this feature, it’s probably time to replace it with one that has the latest child safety sensors.

  1.  Is Looking Old And Tired

As mentioned, your garage doors have a big impact on the look and street appeal of your home. While it might be possible to repair your existing ones, and they can sometimes be repainted to update a look, if your doors are old, out of style or looking ‘daggy’, replacement doors will really brighten the whole exterior look and feel of your home.

  1.  Costing You Money

In areas like Canberra with both extremes of hot and cold, another reason to replace your garage doors is to improve their energy efficiency. When open, garage doors let a lot of air in, and the difference in air temperature between the garage and your home can affect your energy bill.

New garage doors are built with the latest materials and insulation, providing improved energy efficiency compared to old garage doors. So not only can new garage doors increase your home’s value, they may also help lower your electricity bill.


Whether you want to repair or replace your garage door, it’s a good idea to get professional help. Garage doors can be more complex than other DIY jobs. Why risk mistakes that could cost you even more, when a professional firm like Canberra Garage Doors can do your repair or replacement for you in a matter of hours with a full warranty?

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