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The Secrets to Clear Glowing Skin

Clear skin is most people’s dream. As humans, we have texture and imperfections on our skin, and that is alright. But the beauty standards force us to achieve that clear skin, and what’s bad if we can do that by simple healthy practices. 2021 is all about skincare. We left make-up way back. We all know that you cannot achieve clear skin with make-up and that make-up is not very healthy for the skin. The new trend in skincare is that we focus on taking care of our skin to keep it in the best condition. Clear skin is the best possible condition for your skin. You can achieve it with regular skincare.

Some people use harsh actives on the skin to get brighter, clearer skin, but this practice is wrong. Your skin is gentle, so make sure you treat it with gentler products. Simple practices like keeping your skin clean, daily cleansing, moisturizing, and using sunscreen regularly can help you achieve beautiful skin.

As the skin is a part of our body, the largest organ, so we need to treat it as one. Our skin breathes and sweats, and it stretches to make room for you to grow. It lets you feel hot and cold. It’s a whole functioning organ. You cannot expect your skin to be plastic since you are a human being and not a porcelain doll.  The secret to clear glowing skin is happy in your skin, accepting yourself, and learning to love yourself as you are.

Yet if you want to build a healthy skin care regimen for yourself that can help you achieve a healthy glow on your skin, here are some affordable products for clear skin:

Face Massagers:

Face massages are very popular these days. Your face and facial skin are also a part of your body. It’s blood and muscles, and you have bones that make your face. When we work on screens, we use our facial muscles to focus. These muscles become tired and achy over time. But we do not pay attention to them and keep on working. This is when it starts to affect the appearance of your skin. You sit down when you get tired of standing for a while, so our facial muscles also need rest.

Face massagers are a great way to relax your facial muscles and give them a well-deserved treat. When you massage your face using a good facial massager, it stimulates the blood circulation in the skin, helps purify your blood, and brings out that radiant glow on your skin. You can also use moisturizing serums before using a massager on your face, so it glides easily. Facial massages also help with the texture of the skin.

Cleansing Brushes:

When you use make-up and sunscreens every day, your products can go in your pores and clog them if you do not clean them easily. Your face goes through a lot. There are dirt, pollution, and bacteria in the environment. If you do not clean your face properly, these bacteria can cause pimples, acne, and blackheads. So the secret to that clear skin is proper cleansing. There are special cleaning brushes in the market that have microfibers made out of silicone. These microfibers can help clean the pores because they can reach inside those deep pores where your fingers cannot. Use a cleansing brush once or twice a week with a gentle cleanser to clean the dirt and bacteria from your face.

Use a Mild Moisturizing Cleanser:

It’s true that there are some harsh products available out there. You can easily find some face washes that have bad alcohol and drying silicones in them. Your skin does not have this treatment. So when you have to pick a face wash or cleanser for you, make sure you pick a gentle moisturizing cleanser that leaves your skin soft and clean. If your skin feels tight and dry after washing your face, it means that you are using the wrong cleanser.

Using a Toner can Help:

If you feel that a cleanser cannot properly clean your skin or you have acne marks from long gone acne, try using a gentle toner at night-time. There are some good cleansers in the market that have glycolic acid in them. Glycolic acid is a very good chemical exfoliant, and it can clean the surface of your skin.

It reduces the appearance of acne and pimples as well and leaves your skin clean and fresh. Such chemical exfoliants can be good for your skin but make sure you do not use them excessively. These few affordable products for clear skin can help you take care of your skin.

Do not Touch your Skin:

YESS! Touching your face and popping those zits is the worst thing that you can do to your skin. Your hands have millions of bacteria; when you touch a zit, you transfer the bacteria from your hand to your face and vice versa. Now you have the zit bacteria on your hand, and if you touch anywhere else on your skin, you transfer it, and it results in a new zit at a new position. Moreover, touching your face, peeling the skin off, picking on pimples, and popping the zits can irritate your skin further and leave scars.

If you have any pimples or irritated patches, leave them on their own and give them time to heal. Our body, skin heal themselves naturally so be careful you do not irritate it further.


Honestly, the biggest secret to clear skin is cleanliness. The more you keep your skin clean, the more it glows. Make sure you follow a simple skincare regimen that has a cleanser, moisturizer, and toner. Your lips and neck are also a part of your face, so do not forget that. When you moisturize your face, also moisturize your neck and lips. Never forget the sunscreen, no matter what your age is. Sunscreen is one of the best things you can apply to your skin since it is a protective layer. If you have ongoing skin problems, contact your dermatologist.

Author bio:

Selena Hellen is a skincare expert. She believes that healthy skin is good skin. Currently, she is working as a trained dermatologist and skin aesthetician.

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