March 14, 2023

6 SEO Copywriting Mistakes That Might be Costing You Credibility

6 SEO Copywriting Mistakes That Might be Costing You Credibility

6 SEO Copywriting Mistakes That Might be Costing You Credibility

Nowadays everybody wants to become a freelancer and also copywriting work for themselves.

The challenge is that everybody who does not actually have a marketable skill but DOES have a computer and access to the World Wide Web determines they will be a copywriter.

All you had to do is to write a few words together to make a sentence, string sentences together to make a paragraph, and series paragraphs together to create one complete page of words that sort of make sense.

That is simple enough, and any fool could do it correctly?


SEO copywriting isn’t nearly stringing words together; it’s all about finding the ideal words which do exactly what you want them to.

Therefore, if you truly need to be a copywriter, below are a few basic mistakes you should avoid at any cost!

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1. Not doing your study

Before you put pen to your paper, or fingers to keyboard, it’s vital that you’ve done as much research as you can and that you understand as much as possible about everything you are considering writing about.

This doesn’t imply which you want to be a business expert before you are able to write a post about something. However, it does mean you will need to comprehend what you’re going to say — as in the event that you don’t know yourself, how is anybody else going to know you?

This is very important if you are writing whatever uses specialized jargon of any sort, as a specialist is going to learn that you had NO IDEA what you’re referring to.

The consequence? You are likely to eliminate a client if you are freelancing, and shed prospective customers/visitors if you are writing for your site!

What you need to do:

  • Research all until you have even begun composing
  • Never stay on a single source for all your study
  • Do not quit exploring before you understand what you’re writing about, that you are writing for and each fact you are using to your slice

2. Assuming your spellcheck is powerful

Many inexperienced copywriters think in the ability of the spellcheck, but since this poem reveals, simply because your spellcheck has not marked a phrase as erroneous — it does not mean the spelling is perfect!

Most word processing programs have a grammar test; however, they use an algorithm to discover and mark those mistakes. And if a computer is discovering what’s wrong and what’s appropriate — it’s wrong lots of the moment!

People like to make fun of the bible Nazis’, but 3/4 of net users pay attention to grammar and punctuation on a website, and more than 50% of them are going to stop doing business with a business that makes obvious grammar and spelling mistakes!

What you need to do:

  • Never presume that your spellchecker will catch every punctuation and punctuation error, or it is always appropriate.
  • In Case you are unsure about the spelling of a sentence, then assess it.
  • Proofread what you have written, then have a rest and read it — then another moment!

3. Overcomplicating everything you compose

One more thing which exasperates me? The propensity of alleged wordsmiths to use grandiose or ostentatious verbiage, in spite of the fact that they can leverage unembellished and breviloquent phraseology.

Translation: Another thing that drives me mad? The custom of so-called authors to use large or elaborate words, even if they can use plain and simple language!

So many authors that aren’t really writers prefer to use big, fancy words and locate over complex tactics to say everything and anything. The principal reason? They are trying to convince everybody they ARE authors and they’re really, really bright!

But after all, you do confuse people and paradoxically, the big words you use — the intelligent the normal person thinks you’re!

What you need to do:

  • In Case you would not say a word if you are speaking to a buddy, then do not write it
  • Keep It Simple and apply the KISS principle
  • Avoid using words that other people May Not know, even in Case You do

4. Forcing your comments as facts

I really don’t care how much of a professional you’re about the topic you are writing about unless you are able to back up what you are saying with verifiable facts, then it’s simply an opinion. And then, people can get the specific same facts and have different views!

Therefore avoid presenting your comments as cold hard truth, because people may see you attempting to force your view on these — even if you do have facts to back up everything you need to say. And I really don’t know about you, but I prevent anybody who shoves their view down my throat!

Your facts had better be true since I will guarantee that some, if not all your readers, will assess them! If they are wrong, there are individuals who will point out this, and it will not be long until your credibility is ruined.

What you need to do:

  • Be sure to have details to back up your remarks
  • Be cautious about if something is an opinion when something is true
  • List your resources when you do use details

5. Using your keywords such as punctuation

When you are composing content that will be used online, you will do anything to discover the ideal formula that can guarantee anything you have composed ALWAYS ends up on the very first page of Google — or some other search engines your readers can utilize!

And while using keywords is a significant part of helping your page rank well in natural search results, attempting to control your rank by stuffing your backup filled with unnatural and unnecessary keywords isn’t going to operate, and will really damage your SEO positions!

You wish to attract traffic to your website. However, you need anybody who arrives on your own website in order to stay there. However, with keyword stuffing as a search engine optimization tactic often contributes to everything you have composed sounding like a load of gibberish — that will only make any traffic hightail it from there! If you would like to acquire better in search engine optimization, it may enable you to do a little research on the subject, such as by searching for skilled literature in Kohls.

What you need to do:

  • The quality of your content is much more important than how many times you use a keyword
  • Make Certain your keywords flow naturally with the rest of your item by focusing on the subject
  • Assess how successful your keyword use is using a Search Engine Optimization plugin or third party applications

6. Not being clear about what you are saying

I cannot tell you how often I’ve heard or read something and then spent a few minutes trying to determine what precisely that one sentence is supposed to imply, before giving up in frustration and discovering exactly what I want elsewhere.

Sometimes this is because of the fact that the copywriter did not really understand the term they used, or since they have accidentally set the ideal world in the incorrect place — thus altering the meaning of the whole paragraph!

In other instances, this is only because somebody isn’t writing in their native language. They know what they need to convey, and perhaps they are amazing wordsmiths in their native language. However, they’re much less bilingual as they prefer to think they are!

What you need to do:

  • Be Sure to Know Precisely What every phrase which you use signifies.
  • Prevent confusion by making Certain that your grammar is ideal
  • If you are unsure if your meaning is apparent, then alter the term of the sentence before It’s

Closing thoughts

If you have done copywriting for over a week, then you are aware it isn’t quite as simple as you believed it might be, and it is a whole lot easier to get it wrong since it would be to get it. In reality, there are tons of OTHER copywriting errors that I have not even mentioned!

But if you are determined to flip copywriting right into a complete-time profession, and you are serious about becoming the best copywriter you could maybe be — then do not stop writing and do not quit asking for comments on your own writing!