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5 Reason why political SEO Matters to campaign Marketing

The power of search engines and how they may affect the public is well understood by most current politicians.

According to a 2015 research by the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, “search rankings may change uncertain voters’ voting choices by 20% or more.” Some are appealing for the government to intervene to limit this power.

Others claim that the algorithms work against them.

Despite this awareness of the importance of search engines, political campaigns continue to be grossly inept when it comes to using the marketing potential of search engines.

For many politicians and their staff, SEO for politicians seems to be an afterthought.

It’s seen as an unavoidable feature of the political landscape. In actuality, it might be the key to unlocking vital new or undervalued voter outreach options.

Where does a political SEO strategy fit in? Listed below are a few examples:

  • Take charge of your own identity

The most apparent advantage of political SEO is that you have complete control over your online persona.

When a voter searches for a politician’s name on Google, they nearly always anticipate the official website to be one of the first results, if not the first.

What if it isn’t there? Someone might turn the internet discourse around your candidate into an unregulated atmosphere, putting you in great danger.

Joe Biden’s official website,, was recently outranked for the keyword “Joe Biden website” by the far-from-flattering spoof site joe Biden.

  • Take Charge of Your Problems

It’s no secret that SEO For politicians choose their words carefully.

The psychology of political word choice is an art form.

Depending on the voter you’re trying to reach, the appropriate (or wrong) word choice might make the difference between a good or negative reaction to your idea.

“Socialism,” and especially “democratic socialism,” is a politically fraught term.

While these two terms have similar ideas, they are totally different in reality. Bernie Sanders commonly used the “democratic” variation.

Public interest in the word surged in early 2016, while he was running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

  • It’s Not Just for Businesses to Use Inbound Content Marketing

Candidates may also target “high-in-the-funnel” voters by targeting terms that most people don’t automatically identify with them.

Keywords connected to a candidate’s main campaign platforms are a gold mine for enlightening the public about a candidate’s precise opinions.

How would this function in practice? Take the term “student debt forgiveness program” as an example.

Elizabeth Warren has been a major proponent of a student loan forgiveness program to erase student loans due to the problem of student loan debt for many Americans.

It’s become one of her most talked-about campaign topics.

  • Technical SEO Is Important

The “sexy” metrics in the area of SEO services include keyword ranks, search traffic, and backlink statistics. But there are times when the essentials are all that count.

Is your website searchable in any way? Is anything fundamentally wrong? As we saw with the Joe Biden website hijinks earlier in the article, the simple things sometimes are missed.

Of course, politicians who aren’t internet savvy are the ones who do this, right? Let’s face it: Biden is a politician from a time when having a website was optional.

We may forgive certain technological faults on the website since the new political platform on the internet is scarcely his stomping territory.

This isn’t something you’d expect to encounter with a politician who is well-versed in the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Not so fast, my friend. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Party’s digitally adept rising star, seems to be having some fundamental issues with her own website.

While the problems aren’t as serious as Biden’s, they do show the need for having a basic understanding of technical SEO services when directing a politician’s online presence.

  • Keep in Mind: Local Politics = Less Difficulty

While the bulk of this piece has focused on the benefits of SEO for national politicians, I’d want to emphasize that local politicians may also profit from it.

There will always be searches for local positions, problems, and elections for politicians who are open-minded when it comes to digital potential, whether at the state, city, or county level.

Senator Patty Murray represents me as a resident of Seattle, Washington. When I search for “Seattle senator,” Google immediately recognizes this

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