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Seven Amazing Short Travel Stories to Must-Read

For many of us, reading was our first introduction to the world. As youngsters, we visited imaginary places like Narnia and the Land of the Stranger Things. As adolescents, we have also gone through actual places like East Egg and the Salinas Valley. Every one of us owes a tiny part of who we are today to the traveling we performed in our heads years ago. We’re here to help if you haven’t chosen which areas of the world, you should see now. We’re urging you to get back to basics by reviewing your favorite novels. We’ve put up a minimal reading list for anyone wishing to travel wisely, creatively, and enthusiastically.

Short Travel Stories

Some of these short stories are fictional while others are non-fictional. The fictional book takes us to attention grasping locations which we often call our dreamlands. While others are entirely dedicated to traveling. They have experiences with several people and how they handled certain situations.

Some people are looking for answers for more in issues regarding travel, such as “How does travel alter us?” “How do we travel ethically?” and “How do we travel ethically?” Whatever you choose, make sure you have a decent suitcase on hand. Because once you start reading seriously, you’ll be buying an airline ticket in no time.

1. Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.”

Most tourists look for something, whether a spectacular ancient site or the most delicious dinner. But, when you’re looking for something outside of yourself, you frequently wind up uncovering a part of yourself you didn’t know existed. According to Cory Varga, Paulo Coelho’s novel is exactly what happened.

“‘The Alchemist’ is a fascinating tale about an Andalusian shepherd who wishes to go in pursuit of wealth. “However, during his adventures, he discovers himself,” Varga remarked. “Coelho takes us on the journey that matters. It is a journey full of lessons and beautiful anecdotes about snakes, love, dunes, and alchemy.

The Alchemist contains short travel stories which can inspire you during your travel!

2.  “The Rings of Saturn” by W.G. Sebald’s

  Although the narrator travels a few kilometers down the coast, his mental journey is far more incredible. “This book combines enchanting accounts of the locations and people he meets,” Kay stated. The Rings of Saturn’ has a philosophy for visitors who wish to dig deeper into a destination. It is also for people who want to slow down their lives and aspire to be a more thoughtful explorer.  Take a copy of this one-of-a-kind with you, and polish up your sense of humor.

3.  “The Art of Travel” by Alain de Botton’s

Sometimes, we forget why we have chosen a destination for traveling. This book helps you determine why and how you are traveling. It gives you reasons to explore. The author takes a brutally honest and philosophical look at traveling. He gives a different and unique perspective of discovering things.

Traveling makes us connect with not only the world but with our own self too. It shows us a different side of ourselves. Oftentimes, we are running away from our own reality, travelling can help you connect with yourself on a deeper level.

4. “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter’s

Do you wish to spend your vacation on the Italian Riviera? Look no further than Walter’s exquisite novel about mid-century Italy and contemporary Hollywood, Beautiful Ruins. When Pasquale, the youthful operator of a run-down lodge on the Ligurian coast, meets Dee Moray, a seductive American starlet, the book Beautiful Ruins begins. Dee’s visit at the inn is only a rest stop on the route to Switzerland for medical treatment. Still, it’s enough time for Pasquale to develop a melancholy familiarity with her. A disillusioned development assistant sees an old Italian guy seeking information about a woman he met many years ago.  Beautiful Ruins is a masterwork of treachery and passion, lavishly imagined and gorgeously narrated, revealing a prominent American writer at the height of his abilities.

5. “Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road,” by Kate Harris

But where do you go when it seems like every destination on the planet has already been visited by millions of people before you? Is there anything further to discover?  Kate Harris ponders these and other topics.

Kate Harris beautifully depicts what it’s like to desire to explore—not for the ideal Instagram or to tick off the top landmarks, but to be exposed to wildness and discomfort.

“This book was unlike any other travelogue you can ever read—a meditation on isolated regions rarely written about, history, and boundaries,” remarked Real Simple senior editor Elizabeth Sile.

6. Rough Magic, by Lara Prior-Palmer

Prior-Palmer found “the world’s longest, toughest horse race” when he was 19 years old. In the extensively broadcast event, riders like Prior-Palmer are sent across a harsh terrain of forests, swamps, mountains, dunes, and steppes. In this sensual, spiritual biography, Prior-Palmer tells her arduous journey through enormous physical pain and her surprise transformation from underdog to the race’s first female winner.

7. The Adventures of Tintin by Herge’s

What could be more motivating to a young traveler (or an older nomad who is still youthful at heart) than the action-packed adventures of a reporter and his little dog as they travel the world?

Tintin comic books instilled a feeling of wanderlust in Inma Gregorio, an experienced traveler who maintains the travel blog called “A World to Travel” as a youngster.

“Before I turned eight years old, Belgian artist Herge’s ‘The Adventures of Tintin brought me to Egypt, Congo, Tibet, and even the moon.” They brought back so many beautiful memories for Inma and maybe you too?

Bottom line:

Short Travel Stories

Short travel stories’ success may be measured in miles rather than awards. When it comes to these novels, it’s all about the extended lengths they take our imaginations and the distance they motivate us to trek, drive, and fly. Reading a travel book may be just as transformative as making the trip.

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