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Who is Sherry Dyson? A Sneak and Peak of her Life

Biography Of Sherry Dyson:

Sherry Dyson was born in the year 1949 on the 5th of January, in Virginia USA. By profession, she was Mathematician, a famous one who also teach at school and even in college. Her parents died at the of 6 and after her parent’s death, her relative took care of her. She was a devoted Christian.

Sherry Dyson and Her relation with Chris Gardner:

Chris Gardner a famous motivational speaker businessman and stock investor married Sherry Dyson. They both were really happy at the start of their relationship. They married in the year 1977, Chris at the time was perusing a career in medicine which he then left. Both lived together for around 9 years, but during their marriage, Chris had an affair with one of her colleagues Jackie Medina. Even at the time, Chris was married to Sherry, he had Jackie Medina pregnant and they both then had a son named, Jerret Gardner. After some time, sherry and Chris both then get a divorce, and that was the end of their relationship. Chris on many occasions has discussed sherry Dyson.

How did Sherry Dyson Get famous?

Despite being divorced from Chris Gardner, she was still her first wife who has spent 9 years with him. Chris Gardner needs to introduction and people craving to know more about Chris has had their eye on Sherry Dyson. She gets famous because of her ex-husband’s popularity.

How Did Sherry Dyson Died:

After her separation from Chris, she was very depressed mentally. Her happiness came with a price once their relationship ended. Being so busy in work, she got caught up with serious illness in later years. She Passed away on 7th April 2022 at the age of 51. Her death was very unexpected. The cause of her death is still unknown and still is a mystery up to date.

To know more about Sherry Dyson relationship with Chris Gardner, watch “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

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