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Shilajit: The Natural Wonder of Health and Wellness

Salajeet is a remarkable resinous material that resembles tar and is neither entirely plant- nor animal-derived. Salajeet is a form of mineral pitch that naturally emanates from Himalayan rocks between 1000 and 5000 meters above sea level. It is composed of soil and partially degraded plant matter.

According to ancient herbal stories, during the summer months of Jeshta and Ashada, the mountains become heated due to the sun’s direct rays melting their layers, producing Salajeet, a resin-like semisolid liquid. However, the Himalayan Mountains were initially created when the Indian subcontinent crashed with the Asian continent many million years ago, crushing and trapping the tropical forests between the enormous stones. These ingredients were transformed into an asphalt-like sticky substance that may be black, brown, or white. When they were compressed between thick layers of rocks over millions of years, they flowed out of cracks in rocks caused by intense heat and settled there. Salajeet, an emitted herbs-mineral, is a rich source of bio-active humic, fulvic acid, minerals, and nutrients. These can be discovered in Tibet, Bhutan, Japan, Gilgit, and Kashmir high ranges.


Salajeet is commonly called Asphaltum Black Bitumen or Mineral Pitch in English.






Salajeet can help the body in several ways when appropriately utilized. The presence of various minerals and the high concentration of fulvic and humic acids  contribute to this.





The various chemicals in salajeet may support cognitive function and perhaps help with Alzheimer’s treatment. Its constituents may be able to regulate conditions like Alzheimer’s that affect the brain.

Although further research is required to investigate this potential thoroughly, researchers anticipate that salajeet will help prevent cognitive problems.






As an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, fulvic acid, one of the sala jeet’s main constituents, can be used. As a result, it assist in lowering the body’s levels of free radicals and cellular damage, two important causes of aging.


Salajeet supplements taken daily by certain people may help them feel more energetic overall and age more slowly.





Anemia can occur once the amount of healthy cells or hemoglobin in the blood is insufficient. Iron deficiency is one of the main factors that contribute to anemia.

Several bodily symptoms, such as the following, can be caused by iron deficiency anemia:

Irregular heartbeat, weakness and fatigue, cold fingertips and toes, and migraine

Humic acid and iron are found in high concentrations in salajeet, which may aid in treating anemia due to a lack of iron. But before taking supplements, it’s necessary to discuss this option with a doctor.





Medical practitioners claim, among other things, that salajeet can help with altitude sickness. Some persons can have significant effects from pressure fluctuations at high elevations. Altitude sickness can cause various symptoms, including bodily aches, exhaustion, congested lungs, and low brain oxygen levels.


Salajeet is a complex compound that includes fulvic acid, humic acid, and more than 80 distinct minerals. Salajeet is known to help ease many altitude sickness symptoms due to its wide range of beneficial ingredients.



Altitude sickness may be lessened by it if it helps to enhance the brain’s cognitive functions, strengthen the immune system, and reduce inflammation.





Salajeet is the significant component of Qurs Salajeet, a Unani herbal treatment. This is advantageous for many disorders. It examines all nocturnal emissions and boosts the fertility rate as well. Additionally, it helps the kidney remain strong and controls polyurea. Additionally, it is utilized for general fatigue and debility.


Qurs Salajeet dosage

One tablet should be taken twice daily with water or milk.


Storage instructions for Qurs Salajeet:


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consumption or self-medication is not advised.
  • Keep in a cool, dry area.
  • After each usage, securely fasten the medicine cap.
  • Keep prescription drugs in their original packaging.

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