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Skin Toners: What You Need to Know About Skin Toners

Many think toners are only for summers to use and completely skip using them, assuming they might dry out the skin. But facial toners are a crucial part of your skincare routine that is essential for keeping skin healthy. In fact, they are not a once-a-day using the product. Toner has to be used every morning and night and year-round. All that matters is choosing the right type of toner as per your skin type and knowing how to layer it up along with your other skincare products. But before that, you must come under what face toner is and how it works on your skin to make it beautiful.

What do toners do?

Skin toners are typically used right after cleansing and before you use serums and moisturizers. First, you put some toner on the cotton pad and swipe it all over your face, and leave it like that; no need to wash it off. Rather than shrinking the pores, skin toners work as an extra form of cleanser that removes the rest of the dirt, oil, or make-up left on your skin surface after cleansing. It would prevent your skin from looking dull and remove any dirt from building up.

Toner is mostly used for balancing excess sebum on your face and reducing excessive oil. Although toners are known to dry out skin, today, you can find alcohol-free and produced targeting different skin types. So you can find more beneficial properties such as exfoliation and keeping skin hydrated, which can also help your face to lose spots.

How do the toners work?

Toners contain some beneficial agents which can clean and treat your skin efficiently. Facial toners make sure the skin texture and complexion are clean with their active ingredients. They are formulated to reduce the gaps between skin cells to not let on impurities in the skin pores.

Moreover, they help with balancing the pH level of the skin soother skincare products can penetrate through the skin effectively. Cleansers can keep your skin surface clean; however, if you want to achieve an inner glow from your facial skin, then toner can do the job of achieving that healthy skin. Here are some benefits of toners for you to consider using it.

The many benefits of using toners

  • Balance your face’s pH

As mentioned above, one of the key benefits of toner is to balance out the pH of the skin surface. While the skin pH falls around 5.5, the water pH is 7. Toners work on bringing back the natural pH level of the skin, and they work more effectively than pH-balanced cleansers.

  • Target your skin type

Facial toners are now produced with specific skincare. If your skin is breaking out, it would be wise to skip a skin toner that has salicylic acid. But for acne-prone skin, such facial toners would be best to use. However, if you have dry skin, it’s wise to use a toner that has key ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid, similar to a toner for aging skin to keep the skin dehydrated and offer more moisture. Since oily skin types are less prone to breakouts, you can go with toners that have salicylic acid and tea tree oil to control oil and improve discoloration and scarring.

  • Smooth out your skin texture

If your goal is to smooth out your skin texture and enhance facial skin elasticity, then you can use skin toners infused with hydroxyl acids and antioxidants. Such ingredients can gently exfoliate the rough and dead skin cells and bring out a smoother skin surface. Moreover, toners prepare the skin better so your other skincare products can work up to their full potential.

In exceptional cases where you are experiencing any hormonal or cystic acne, it is wise to consult with your dermatologist before using a toner. Further, if you have extremely dry or itchy skin or any sensitive case where your skin turns red right after using toners, then it’s best to stop using that toner.


Adding toner into your daily skincare routine is definitely a step closer to keeping your skin healthy and supple and further reducing the aging effects. It would keep your skin grime-free and clear the path to let other skincare products work their magic.

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