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Why Storm Proof Roofing Associates with the Safety of Your House:

One of the vital components to keeping your house and family safe from the storm during the storm season is windproof roofing. Hurricanes and tropical storms are considered “roof eaters.” These tropical storms sometimes have light strikes and snacks a few of your shingles, or sometimes it is a voracious beast that takes your whole rooftop. In such circumstances, you attempt to keep your family warm & safe and think to approach storm proof roofing services.

For coastal homeowners, it becomes vital for their safety to prepare their abodes for hurricane-force winds, possible flooding, or storms. However, we hope that you never experience such horrible disasters. However, if you lived in a zone that is significantly impacted by seasonal changes, then you should know about some ways to protect your home from the damage that will cause by tropical storms. These are cheap and straightforward ways except a few, which are considered costly and need an extra thousand dollars but are well worth every penny.

If you are seeking a beach house, then you should include the following stormproof improvements to your home buying checklist. These modifications will cause a huge change when you experience a monster storm next time. Follow these steps to build a stormproof roofing house.

How to Storm Proof Your House:

  • Install a Metal Roof:

If you want to survive in the major storms and make your house roofing stormproof, then you need metal roofing. A house’s roof is the most vulnerable part of the home when it is regularly exposed to the wind and other outside forces. Therefore, to live in an environment that is prone to hurricanes, your roof is sure to take a beat no matter how strong it’s built.

Metal roofing is one of the most influential and popular types of wind-resistant that can resist winding up to 140-mph. If you look at its structure, you will find that metal roofing is outfitted in interlocking panels to provide strength and security to your roof.

Although, when we compare the cost of installation of metal roofing with average wind resistance roofing, it costs more and increases up to $5000 extra, Metal roofs can last for a minimum of 50 years, which has a double life span of traditional shingle roofs.

  • Installation Of Impact Windows:

In hurricane zones impact glass is considered as a prerequisite for many houses. These glasses are made of impact-resistant glass, which is safely installed into the window frame. This impact glass provides strong resistance against heavy rain, hail, tropical storm winds, and flying objects from shattering your windows.

If your traditional windows break during the storm, it may cause severe destruction in a house. Therefore, impact windows are durable enough to handle such situations as well as will keep potential burglars at bay as well. However, the installation of impact windows will cost you between $40 and $55 a square foot. The cost may seem high but brings you peace of mind.

  • Use Fiberglass Doors:

When a storm rolls through, doors to the outside are significantly impacted, and once it’s knocked open, more wind, debris, and water can smoothly run inside the house. It may lead to significant interior damage from increased pressurization, or it may cause flooding due to excess rain.

To avoid such circumstances, take precautions by installing stormproof doors to the outside. These doors are made of fiberglass and built sturdier than your traditional doors but apparently, look like wood doors. These doors are capable of resisting different weather conditions and performing long-lasting results. The price of fiberglass doors hovers around the $1500 to $2000 mark.

  • Addition of Metal Garage Door:

Lightweight garage doors are more vulnerable to strong wind and flooding. For this purpose, your garage door should be upgraded to a metal door. In some situations like hurricanes, if your garage door breaks, there are high chances that your garage will be flooded in no time, ruining your cars and what’s inside it.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reveals in a report that one of the significant factors in damaging homes during a tropical storm is the loss of garage doors. Therefore, make sure your garage doors should able to combat a strong wind’s force. These doors are made of steel and installed before a storm approaches. The metal garage door typically ranges between $750 and $1.295.

  • Landscape the Yard:

Regular landscaping & yard maintenance is mandatory to prevent your home from damage & destruction. Take the first step in this regard by cleaning your gutters around the home of leaves various debris so that rainwater can quickly move off the roof. Secondly, prune all trees and bushes surrounding your house to save your home’s exterior. If a tree topples over, you can professionally remove it. Preparation of your yard before a hurricane is the best way to keep your home protected.

The importance of stormproof roofing varies from market to market and place to place. However, it has been seen that even the people who lived in such areas that are prone to storms or hurricanes are reluctant to pay more for the security of such a roof would provide and take risks.

It seems fascinating to watch severe storms on weather channels, but living through them or reconstructing your damages after going through one is an entirely different matter. Proper inspection, maintenance, and adherence to codes and standards will enhance the safety of your loved ones.

 Companies that provide stormproof roofing services provide both domestic as well as business properties. They provide high-quality roofs and offer reliable services. You can also get repairing services as quickly as possible. Before you relocate, you should get the services of a licensed and insured company to reduce the chances of inconvenience.

Author’s Bio:

Yanshan Li has been associated with stormproof roofing services for a long time and loves to share his reviews and insights regarding the industry by following his passion for writing.

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