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Perks of utilizing these Telephone Entry Systems for Security Purposes

Any place with visitors, whether professional or personal, needs a system for controlling access. The telephone entry system is one of the oldest methods of visitor management solutions. Telephone entry systems have been used to handle visitor access to different types of buildings for over a decade, from single-family houses to large apartments.

A telephone entry system is an electrical technology that allows occupants and visitors to communicate and gain admission to the property. A telephone entry system, as the name implies, works with a phone line. The system also demands hardware to be set up at the property’s entrance and a telephone to accept calls. Each entry phone system includes a mic and loudspeaker, allowing residents to converse with outsiders before authorizing their entry.

Telephone entry systems are typically fitted at doors or gates to grant entrance to renters, guests, and delivery persons.

Types of telephone entry systems

Initially, telephone entry systems were only intended for use with landlines. However, with the growth of phone towers, several modern entry phone systems are now providing cellular connectivity.

  • Landline systems

Before cell phones, you had to plug your telephone into a phone jack in the wall, when the earliest telephone entry systems were invented. Visitors may use them to notify residents of their presence, and residents could use them to open the front door without having to travel downstairs.

When residents with landline phones get a call made through the telephone entry system, they receive it as if it were a regular phone call. They are able to hear and converse with their guest.

  • Cellular systems

Telephone entry systems necessitated a distinct phone line until now. Home phones, on the other hand, are rapidly becoming outdated. To accommodate, many service providers have started to link their phone entry systems to cellular services.

However, many cellular telephone entry systems need consumers to buy and set up a cellular connection unit to allow cell service. Because most cellular-enabled systems aren’t cloud-based, functions like video chatting, courier PINs, and a smartphone app aren’t available.

  • Telephone entry systems with cameras

Multifamily tenants nowadays expect tech-enabled residential facilities. Understanding that telephone entry systems can’t keep up with the requirement, some access control companies have begun integrating cameras into their devices.

Introducing a camera to a telephone entry system increases property safety by allowing occupants to view guests as well as converse with them. In-unit technology with screens to view camera footage is available with some recent telephone entry systems with cameras. Others have begun to build smartphone apps that allow residents to watch video evidence of guests.

Advantages of telephone entry systems

  • Greater Accessibility

Phone Entry Systems improve the safety of both home and commercial situations. They conserve time because no one has to get up to see who is on the other side of the entrance or gate. You don’t even have to be on the premises to reject or permit access because current versions may be operated distantly.

  • Higher Property Worth

Introducing a Phone Entry System to your property and improving its security measures can also boost its total value. It is no surprise that people prefer to live in areas where they and their families feel protected, and a Phone Entry System contributes to that sense of security. Not only are you preventing people from having to seek additional safety precautions on their own, but you are also making your area more appealing by spending on technologies and facilities that increase that feeling of security.

  • Added Desirability to Potential Renters

Initial perceptions count a lot. In many circumstances, when visitors or guests visit a building, the first thing they see is a Phone Entry System. People should start spending in a modern system as the first feature a visitor notices can leave a strong image and help your building become more appealing to potential renters.

  • A More Pleasant Working Environment

In an office, you can examine how this impacts the security of everyone in your facilities by employing this technology. Because employee safety is a top priority, this can boost how your employees feel about their work environment. It can also use to enhance performance and commitment to your company when people feel more optimistic and secure about it. In the end, everyone benefits.

  • It becomes easier to keep track of your children’s activities.

Parents can utilize intercoms to keep a close eye on their small children as they play outside the house. If necessary, there can also be a telephone conversation between parents and the children via intercoms. Modern doorbells frequently include CCTV cameras, which can be used to watch the movements of children, neighbors, and passers-by.

  • Insurance premiums have dropped.

Even if finding lower insurance is becoming increasingly difficult, having a professionally fitted intercom system can help you get a cheaper solution for your home or company. Some insurance companies recognize the value of the second line of defense against robbery, which means they may be preparing to reduce your premiums.

  • Access Control

People usually use this system in order to enable or prohibit entry at gates across your building. You won’t have to bother about giving out keys to everyone who could lose them. Moreover. You will be capable of preventing unlawful entrance.


Thanks to increased technology, we now live in a world that is rapidly and filled with numerous modern features. One of them happens to be intercom security systems! Intercom systems have shown to be a significant security benefit in recent years.

This device not only enables homeowners to enhance the security of their offices and homes. But it also aids in the prevention of malicious attackers, gobblers, and salesmen from accessing their area. From simple devices to more complex and complicated pieces of equipment, intercom systems are available in a wide variety of configurations.

You can even place them at the same time as your doorbell, but this is not always the situation. You can choose between a wired or wireless intercom system based on your specific demands and expense. Both of these options can help you meet your privacy specifications while also benefiting you.

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