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Ten Different Types of Private Investigators

Usually individual, an attorney, or a business hires a private investigator to investigate a particular event or circumstance. Because they work outside of law enforcement, people hire for various reasons. As a result, there are many different fields of specialty and types of private investigators detectives available.

All of these investigators help you find out the truth about a person or a situation. They will reveal all the aspects in front of you. Private investigators have vast knowledge, which can help them reach their objective to know the real side of the story. In this article, you will know different types of private investors who are experts in their field.

Types of Private Investigators

Private investigations Fresno can solve your problems according to laws. There are different types of private investigators that have a specific field in which they work.

Many private investigators specialize in a few cases, and they use this information to focus their advertising and marketing and their clients. Arson, computer system forensics (cyber), legal (criminal defense), corporate, financial, insurance, civil/domestic, shop (loss prevention), and resort are among the most effective investigators. Still, a private investigator can specialize in a variety of areas. Some private investigators are experts in several fields. They know the basic tactics of learning the truth about a person or a situation.

The following is a complete list of several types of private investigators:

Matrimonial & Relationship

Engaging a private investigator to probe a relationship is never an easy decision, but it is one of the most popular reasons for hiring a private detective. Relationship investigations must be discreet and detailed to provide peace of mind or gather the evidence needed to show infidelity or misconduct. This necessitates both technical and mobile surveillance and undercover observation typically.

Covert devices may be installed by a private investigator specializing in this type of inquiry to reveal private conversations and encounters. On the other hand, private investigators can only act within the law, and whatever actions they perform will be by current and applicable legislation.

Look into cheating spouses.

You have the right to know if you believe your spouse or partner is cheating on you. We recognize that this is a challenging and delicate situation. Private investigations Fresno will treat your case with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Background Investigations

Do you want to know the real story behind a person you know? Do you want to discover the truth about somebody’s background without getting duped by shady background check services? A professional team of skilled private investigators will promptly locate any individual’s information.

Surveillance of Bread and Butter

The private investigator usually wants to know about your case very closely. They keenly observe the details you are providing them. Then they start asking you questions to make things more transparent for them. Once they are done with the question-answer session, they start relating one piece of information with the other.

Legal Issues in the Family

A family law matter is another popular cause for hiring a private investigator. A private investigator may be engaged to obtain evidence for a civil trial, such as a divorce or a child custody dispute. They could also be recruited to assist in searching for a missing individual or relocating adoptive family members. These professionals are best at doing such tasks. They make sure they resolve the mystery and bring the actual reality in front of you.

If we talk about divorce, private investigators can look out if the other partner is dating somebody or not. If they are dating somebody, you can terminate their child support or spousal support. And if they are not, you can support them. Private investigators can also help you patch up with your ex-partners in case doubt was the reason behind the breakup.

Investigations into child custody

When spouses cannot agree on child custody and access, the court must decide. When making a decision, the judge must consider only the children’s best interests. A parent may employ a private investigator to prove that the other parent or guardian is unsuitable or that the child’s safety is in jeopardy.

An investigator would do background checks and use online and public information to see if the information is authentic or not. Additionally, they do cross-checks to make sure they are providing the most accurate information to their clients.

Judgment Healing

While a person who owes money as a result of a court judgment is likely to end up in collections, a judgment recovery private investigator can assist in discovering concealed assets or accounts to speed up the recovery of those funds.

Business Frauds

Business frauds affecting a company and its employees can sometimes start small but quickly escalate into more significant concerns that threaten your company’s integrity, reputation, and bottom-line earnings.

Additionally, many professional commercial investigators’ strengths are in providing specialized services that combine knowledge and current technology to bring a commercial investigation to a successful conclusion, which is critical in today’s challenging commercial climate.

Our Purpose is to find a solution to your situation.

Employee Theft, Company Fraud, and Industrial Espionage are examples of the types of concerns we’re talking about. Some of these start tiny, but as time goes on and the perpetrator grows more daring in their actions (usually owing to a lack of detection), the problem may quickly spiral out of hand and begin to harm your business.


Roadside accidents and other construction-related disasters are common in most states, and they can result in a variety of crimes and injury suits. They are regarded as unintentional events that experienced investigators can resolve. Various private officers can stage all accident situations and employ potential claims by imitating, recreating, and reconstructing them.


The bottom line is that a private investigator’s life is uncertain. While some cases need computer research and information from public databases, most investigators work in the field, undertaking surveillance, questioning witnesses, and obtaining information to help clients achieve their objectives. An individual, an insurance company, or an attorney are typical clients.

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