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The Benefits of Burning Soy Candles

While we no longer depend on candles for light at night, they are a celebrated ornamental feature in our homes. A candle is perfect to set the ambiance for a romantic dinner or a relaxing mood for a pamper evening.

When it comes to candle shopping, the aroma and scent shouldn’t be the only factors to take into account. A candle can be manufactured using different types of waxes, each with its own set of properties that impact the performance of your candle. They can be made from paraffin wax, beeswax, soy wax, and palm wax to name a few.

Soy wax candles in glass bottles offer natural, soft lighting without any associated dangers. If you are concerned about breathing in toxic fumes when you burn candles, switch to more sustainable options rather than avoiding candles altogether.  

What Is Soy Wax?

Soy wax is a 100% natural plant-based wax that is derived from soybean oil. Soybeans are a major agricultural crop grown in the United State. The soybean crop is harvested, cleaned, dehulled, cracked, and then rolled into flecks.

The soybean oil is then extracted from these flecks. The oil is subjected to hydrogenation in which the unsaturated fats of the oil are converted into saturated fats which transforms the melting point of the product. It becomes solidified at room temperature.

Why Is A Soy Candle Better Than A Paraffin Candle?

Paraffin wax was introduced in the mid-1800s, and since then it has been a cornerstone in the candle manufacturing industry. The majority of candles that we find today are made using paraffin wax. However, it is not the safest compound to inhale as it burns. Paraffin is obtained from petroleum which is a non-renewable straight-chain hydrocarbon source. When paraffin burns it produces dark black soot that can stain your furniture, walls, and linens, and can also cause respiratory problems.

Also, paraffin candles also contain many harmful additives and synthetic chemicals to make them burn, smell, and look better. Frequent and persistent use of paraffin candles can lead to serious health issues in adults. It compromises the air quality of your living space and poses a health risk to the inhabitants. Inhaling the toxic chemicals can also exacerbate the symptoms of chronic conditions like asthma and other allergies.

Why Choose Soy Wax?

Soy wax is derived from an eco-friendly and renewable source whereas paraffin is derived from petroleum which is a non-renewable source. Other the sustainability advantages, soy wax candles in glass bottles also burn cleaner and slower which increases the lasting time of the candle. As a result of clean-burning, soy wax candles do not produce dark soot and burn cleaner. Over a prolonged burning period, soy candles produce a fine white residue that is non-toxic and allows for easy cleaning. Soy wax is also an excellent scent carrier which is why it has taken over the market for scented candles. Soy wax is also unlikely to scald upon touching which is a significant factor if you have curious little ones running around the house.

The Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

  • Soy Is A Natural & Renewable Source

Soy wax is obtained from the soybeans which are grown all across the US by resident farmers. Soybeans are a renewable and eco-friendly resource that is readily available. Soy wax is also water-soluble which makes it easier to clean up any spills in the house. In contrast, paraffin wax is obtained from petroleum a non-renewable material that contains carcinogenic and harmful constituents. Soy wax is a much safer and greener alternative for candles.

  • Soy Candles Are Vegan

For people who completely abstain from animal products and sources, candle shopping can be a frustrating and challenging task. Many candles that we find today are made from animal-based products. Beeswax is obtained from the beehives, tallow is derived from animal fat, and some waxes are even obtained from dolphins or whales. Soy candles are a hundred percent vegan and do not need any animal-based products in their use or production.

  • Soy Wax Is Non-Toxic

While richly scented commercial candles might be effective atmosphere-lifters and stress-relievers, they are not necessarily good for your health. Petroleum candles release soot and harmful chemicals into the environment upon burning. These pollutants, carcinogens, and toxins can jeopardize the air quality and can worsen your allergies. Therefore, when you want to light candles for meditation, a peaceful ambiance, or a dinner, soy wax candles are a smarter pick.

  • Soy Candles Are Long-Lasting

Soy wax candles burn evenly and more slowly than paraffin ones. While soy candles might be a little more expensive than paraffin candles, you get the added benefit of a long-lasting burn. As soy candles burn at a relatively lower temperature, the scent carried by the wax also lasts longer. Using soybean wax adds more quantity and quality to the candles.

  • Soy Candles Are Clean

When you look at a regular commercial candle jar, you will observe a ring of dark black soot. You might even notice these dark marks on the furniture and walls near the candles. This unpleasant soot is a result of the burning carbon produced by petroleum when it burns. As soy wax burns cleaner, they do not emit any carbon residue and is a natural cleaner alternative to paraffin.

  • Soy Candles Are Better Smelling

Soy wax blends with the essential oils’ way more effectively and easily than paraffin wax. Also, a lesser quantity of essential oil is required to create the same scent. As soy candles burn slowly at a lower temperature, the scent throw is gradual which gives for a perfectly balanced and consistent fragrance rather than an over-empowering hit of strong aroma. Soy wax also retains color well which adds to the aesthetic appeal of soy candles.

  • Easy Clean-Up

Cleaning spilled wax can be a frustrating chore. Proper removal often requires freezing and reheating along with the use of harsh chemicals. Soy wax has a lower melting point compared to paraffin wax and, as a result, it is becoming softer at low temperatures. Therefore, a soy wax spill can be easily cleaned using soap and hot water without any chemicals. It is also a useful feature for candle manufacturers as the equipment can be cleaned easily under hot water or in a dishwasher.

Now that you know about the many benefits of soy wax candles, it is time that you make well-informed candle shopping decisions. They offer so many advantages over the other conventional types of waxes. Most significantly, they burn cleaner without any carcinogens and harmful toxins. When you buy a natural and biodegradable soy wax candle, you will get to experience the mesmerizing ambiance and candlelight without worrying about the safety of yourself and your environment.  

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