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Christmas is approaching soon, and there is so much to be done. This is the time when people are telling stories and talking about the beautiful things that are there so many things which are there at Christmas and so many stories that are to be discussed. Christmas is the perfect time to discuss the myths with a hot cup of cocoa and may be sitting near the fireplace.

CHRISTMASWe all wonder about what we can do on Christmas and how we can celebrate the time with our loved ones but this can also be one way of celebrating. These are the times when staying home is the right thing to do, and in these prevailing conditions, you can always make your Christmas fun by just getting some myths to discuss with your family and talking about them more. You can discuss these myths, or maybe who knows what you might find out. This is the time to opt for the Christmas plum cakes and gather your loved ones around and discuss the myths. If you are wondering about where to start, you can always opt for the following things:


This is something that many have thought about. Christmas is important as the birth of Christ is associated with it, but easter is also crucial as it is the day when Lord Jesus Christ rose from death to eternal life. Everyone has their birthday, but this is the time when one triumphed over death, and Easter is celebrated nearly for two months, but when it comes to Christmas we tend to observe it from December till January.  There are so many things involved, and sure there are the Easter bunnies for Easter and Santa Claus for Christmas, but now it all depends on you. They both are essential.


This is still the one on which mist debates are happening. Some used to consider that the day is for boxing up unwanted presents but the day is actually for acts of kindness. Well, some say that it was the opening of the boxes where the parishioners collected the alms for the poor, and the day following Christmas was the feast of st. Stephens but there is no concrete evidence as such. The day does symbolize being kind so ensure that you are kind on that day and that can even mean sending online new year cake delivery to the ones you love or just getting the cake to your doorstep and distributing it to the poor.


Now, this is something that must have come as a shocker to you. Reverend Ian paul, has said that it might have been due to the wrong translation of the Greek word ‘kataluma’ which was wrongly translated as an ‘inn’ but in actuality, it was supposed to be a ‘private room’. It might have been a busy family room but not stable.


There have been numerous debates regarding this. Although the birth of Christ was the work of the holy spirit, one cannot just say that they had no children after that. There might be a possibility that Joseph and Mary had children and debates are going on whether the children were his cousins or his biological brothers and sisters. You can always discuss it with your loved ones. You can still read more about it and refer to the bible as well.


Many things and myths are revolving around this song, and It is one of the most popular songs of all time, and I bet you must be humming this song right now. The song was initially written for the American Thanksgiving in the 1850s, and soon the lyrics were changed to make the song fit the theme of Christmas. The song is a mystery, and you can always read more about it and explore more. There are even debates regarding the origin of this song.

There are so many more things that you can discuss and talk about. This is the perfect time to spend your time with your family and discuss the bible and many more things that can opt for this year. Make sure that you are celebrating this time with your family and you can even opt for the new year cake if you wish to and wish them a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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