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The Growing Significance of Mobile Software Development

We live in a fast-moving world where digital technology has influenced every sector of life, from communication to business. The ease and convenience that people enjoy these days are all because of mobile and computing technology advancements.

In the early 2000s, only a few people owned and used a mobile phone and in many countries, owning a mobile phone was not less than owning a sports car. But move forward 20 years, and now people of every age own and use a smartphone. Innovation in technology has not influenced the design and user interface of mobile phones but also its features and allows the device to manage and fulfill several purposes.

Today, a smartphone allows you to take beautiful pictures, play advanced games, or easily communicate with family and friends and manage different tasks with the help of numerous applications in different categories. The two popular platforms for smartphones include the Mac Operating System (OS) for Apple iPhones and Android OS for other smartphones from various brands such as Samsung, Sony, Motorola, and LG.

The Importance of Mobile Application

A mobile application or more commonly referred to as an ‘App’ is a type of software that gives the user access to some functionality such as a ‘calculator’ app that helps a user to do quick addition or subtraction of numbers, and a ‘calendar’ app helps a user to see future dates and set reminders.

The mobile industry has grown tremendously over the years, and so have mobile applications. According to studies, mobile apps are said to cross $935 billion in revenue. The staggering increase in mobile usage has increased the demand for purposeful and smart applications. The apps are categorized as ‘native apps’ and ‘web apps.’ Native apps run on a particular OS, while web apps mean using the internet to get information.

There are thousands of different mobile apps according to particular functionality, and mobile development companies can make several types of apps such as

  • Gaming apps

One of the most popular categories in apps belongs to games as people all across the world love to play games on their mobile phones. According to studies, mobile gaming apps account for almost 33% of the entire app downloads.

  • Entertainment apps

Entertainment apps are also very popular and trending these days. The option to share and socialize media content has led to the massive popularity of entertainment and lifestyle apps.

  • Productivity apps

Not every app focuses on games and entertainment, and there are hundreds of valuable productivity apps that allow users to perform a particular task efficiently. A productivity app may allow a user to send emails, perform a task, book tickets, or track work progress.

There is also the massive success of mobile apps developed particularly to help online shopping. There are many famous clothing and food stores that have developed user-friendly apps that allow customers to order anything just by sitting in their homes. However, mobile apps are developed to perform a single function, and most apps do not offer multiple functions. Mobile phones are becoming innovative and sophisticated with each passing day, but mobile apps only address particular needs or functions.

The Steps involved in Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is similar to conventional software development. However, the mobile software development company focuses on making or customizing software that can take advantage of the features of the mobile or any other smart device. One of the easy ways is to make software that runs on a desktop and import it on a mobile device, but this technique is not usually used due to technicalities and complications that may later develop and be difficult to resolve.

The best approach for a mobile app development company is first to examine the unique features that the mobile has to offer and then build an app that can work within the limitations of the mobile phone. For example, apps that use the location-based feature are always developed with a mobile user in mind as people using a laptop or desktop are not moving and staying in one place.

The mobile app development  services companies usually have different tasks to perform and manage that includes

  • Product development
  • UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) design
  • Backend and frontend development
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Publishing and maintenance

The two most essential factors for a mobile app development success are its portability and ease of use for potential users. There is a growing number of people who are using the internet through their smartphones and smart devices. Mobile apps help to build loyalty when it comes to the retail sector.

A purposefully designed and developed mobile app will help users access information, products, and services. Many analyses in recent times have revealed that users spend more time on the business company’s application rather than the website of the business company.

The vital process of app development includes the design, development, and testing of the application or software and if it can meet and exceed the expectation of the users. The app developer is responsible for many different tasks, such as the app’s design framework, sketches, prototype, and final graphic presentation.

The prototype is the stage where the appearance and navigation of the app will be defined. The next and most important step is mobile app development that involves both frontend and backend development. In easy words, the frontend is the design element that the user can touch and interact with, while the backend means the processes that connect the app with the databases and servers. The backend also links the front end with the user data.

The quality assurance stage is where the app’s performance and limits are tested so that any malfunctions or errors can be removed. In this stage, the app’s appearance and performance are checked on different mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. The app’s buttons and navigation is also checked. Once the check is completed, then a beta version is made and launched to get user feedback. After feedback and minor changes, an official version of the mobile app is launched, and then regular maintenance is done.

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