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The Growing Trend of Deer Hunting and the Affordable Way to do it

Hunting deer is not a new trend but dates back hundreds of years. Today, there are various secluded areas where a person can hunt deer for sport or meat.

The deer meat is called ‘venison’ and is known for its protein and nutritional value. In many states, hunting deer is regulated activity. In the United States (US), the Department of Natural Resources DNR) and the Department of Fish and Wildlife oversee the deer hunting regulation.

There are many ranches across the country where a person can hunt deer. Texas is the second-biggest state and is known for its huge ranches. The deer is one of the most popular animals to hunt for food and as a trophy. The two main species of deer found in the country are white-tail deer and mule deer. The deer hunting season varies from one state to another and also depends on the time of the year.

The Best Time to Hunt Deer and its Cost

The hunting of deer in Texas starts in August and continues for six months until February. However, the length of the deer hunting season depends on the population and health of the deer and also the number of individuals who will participate in deer hunting. Hunting deer can be quite costly as large deer are specially bred, which takes thousands of dollars.

Hunting the rare white-tailed deer can cost anywhere from $400 to $5000. The guided white-tailed deer hunt starts from $300 to $500, but the price depends

  • On the location of the hunt
  • Duration of the hunt
  • The amount of money and effort an outfitter has done to improve the quality and abundance of the deer population

There are few hunting ranches that offer affordable deer hunts in Texas, and a person can participate in the event by using different weapons of his choice. DFW defines the time and weapons a person can use for hunting deer.

  • Bows can be used such as crossbows, recurve, and compound
  • Modern firearms, which includes rifles and shotguns

A deer hunt can even be tailored according to the request of the hunter and may include customized hunting vehicles and spot and stalk vantage points. The white-tailed deer are found aplenty in the country and mostly anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains.

The Different Styles of Deer Hunting

The deer huntings season starts in August, but most of the season, you can only hunt with typical archery options. Hunting a deer with a firearm is only limited to a few weeks in October and November. The exclusive white-tailed deer is hunted through different methods, and the hunt depends on the state laws, terrain, and deer habitat.

The most common hunting style is ‘stand hunting,’ where the hunter scales a particular area where white-tailed deer is usually seen. The hunter can watch the area from a ground blind or tree stand. In Texas, baiting is legal, and the hunter can position himself near a bait pile or feeder.

The most challenging and most exciting and rewarding methods of deers hunting are spot and stalk and still hunting. White-tailed deer are quite abundant but also quite difficult to hunt. Some of the common reasons why hunters pursue deer hunts are

  • Consuming maximum nutrition from the protein-enriched deer meat
  • Winning a competition or challenge of hunting a deer and getting a few bucks
  • Following the tradition of the elders as in many rural parts, people want to continue the tradition of the ancestor of hunting deer

Deers hunting is quite common across the world and in areas where different types of deer are found. However, deer can be hunted as a food source or a sport. There is a wide range of antlered and antlerless deer in North America. However, the most common deer in the country include the whitetail deer, blacktail deer, and mule deer.

What is Included in Deer Hunting Tour

You can easily book an affordable deer huntings tour in Texas. The hunting package includes transportation, lodging, food, linens, and access to the deer hunting site. Once you book the deer huntings tour, you need to arrive at 5 PM before your tour starts. The tour will commence at 10 AM the next day. The price for the tour you ay includes

  • Accommodation
  • Preparing field trophy
  • Transportation to the hunting site
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Trophy measurement

The price you pay, however, does not include

  • Hunting license
  • Firearm rental and ammunition
  • Insurance
  • Beverages and soft drinks
  • Snacks

To book the deer hunt tour, you need to deposit 50% of the price and pay the rest 50% once you participate in the deer hunt. The staff at the ranch are quite friendly and courteous and will make you feel at home. The deer and other animals are well cared for, and the clients can expect a thrilling and exhilarating hunting adventure.

A professional guide accompanies the hunter, and all the hunting tours include lodging and meals. A typical deer huntings ranch in Texas spreads over 10,000 or 20,000 acres. The executive package is not expensive and offers the best quality deer. The deer hunt tour provides value for money, and there are no extra fees, no matter the size of the deer.


The mature deer can be hunted on tracts in both high fence and low fence areas. You do not have to go through the glossy catalog to pick a deer. In a typical deer huntings tour, you get to spend 3 days and 2 nights. The accommodation includes a cabin or a bedroom where the group of hunters can settle down. The rooms are clean, and fresh linen is also provided.

Apart from the excitement of the deer hunt, one can also relax and watch television and eat delicious meals. The options in meals include the famous Texas Barbecue and steak that an expert chef prepares.

If you are a local or want to visit the big countryside of Texas, then the deer hunt is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the amazing thrills of hunting a white-tailed deer.


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