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The Growing use of Drone Services for detailed Home Inspection

Buying a home is considered by people as one of the most stressful and challenging tasks. As a potential homebuyer, you not only have to consider the financial side of things but apply for a mortgage and perform important paperwork.

One of the essential tasks when agreeing to buy a particular house is performing a home inspection, which from the name means viewing the house and identifying any minor or major damage or issues before closing the sale. A home inspection acts as a contingency plan in the contract through which you can back out from the purchase if the inspection shows significant problems with the house.

Why Home Inspection Necessary Before buying the House

Most of the real estate agents or popularly known as relators, usually include home inspection in the contract for newly constructed houses and covers the assessment of foundations, pre-drywall, and a full review of the house.

The home inspectors are tasked with not only completely assessing the house but also making a report of their findings. The inspection session is carried out for 3 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the house. The three major aspects that home inspectors note are

  1. The extent of the problem and if is a safety issue, a major or minor defect
  2. Which items or things can be repaired and which needs to be replaced
  3. Things that look fine now but needs to be monitored closely

The home inspector reviews all aspects of the house, including both exterior and interior spaces. The exterior space inspection includes foundation, exterior walls, garage, roof, and grading. The interior space assessment includes plumbing, electrical, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, fire safety, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).

The home inspectors carry a wide range of tools and equipment to assess the house and identify the problems effectively. Some of the tools and accessories include a flashlight, infrared thermometer, mirror, electrical testers, moisture meter, spectroscope, articulating ladders, telescoping ladders, infrared cameras, and smoke pen.

Advancement in technology has given the wide array of innovative equipment and tools that help numerous complete tasks with ease and comfort. Today, camera technology has been revolutionized, and even smartphone cameras can be used to take high-quality photos and videos. The use of a drone to capture aerial pictures and videos have become very popular all across the world.

The Introduction of Drones in Home Inspection

Drones are serving an important purpose in not only photography but also providing remote delivery services of many things from parcels to even pizzas. Drones are also transforming the home inspections process, and many home inspectors are becoming certified drone pilots to diversify the home assessment and provide a full detailed view of the house to the potential homebuyers.

A drone with a top-notch camera has the ability to collect data in the form of pictures and videos easily and document the complete condition of the house and help homebuyers the true value of the house. The commercial drone services near me help to pitch balanced offers for the property and not overvalue or undervalue.

The Advantages of Home Inspections through Drones

Previously home inspectors had to climb telescoping and articulating ladders to check the exterior walls and roof of the house. Climbing on the ladder with inspection tools is not easy, and there is always the risk of fall and getting injured. However, the drone does it within minutes, and no need to climb the ladders. The advantages of using drones for home inspection are

  • Accessibility

Most of the roofs of both commercial and residential roofs are almost inaccessible due to the height or complex design of the structure. Some of the houses have big chimneys and slanting slopes, making it difficult to inspect the roof. Most of the home inspectors use the camera and zoom in to focus, but it compromises the quality of the image and video. On the other hand, drones are known to capture high-quality visuals without breaking a bone.

  • Efficiency

It may take one or two hours for a home inspector to set up the ladder and then collect the right tools and climb up. It can be quite tiring and time-consuming to complete the process of exterior home inspection. Drones can make home inspection more safe, efficient, and effective and highlight all the essential features without any risk.

  • Safety

It is not safe for a home inspector to carry all the equipment and tools and not only climb the ladder but walk across the roof. Sometimes the home inspector can miss his footing or get entangled with wires on the roof, which can cause fall and injury. On the contrary, the drone can take all the necessary aerial photos and videos more safely and quickly.

  • Homebuyer satisfaction

Traditionally, home inspections had the margin to tell potential homebuyers that the entire inspection of the roof could not be done due to design and other issues. But now, home inspectors do not have the option to leave the roof assessment unattended. The drone can easily be used to inspect the complete exterior of the house.

  • Adds value

Modern drones can take high-quality aerial photos and videos that can authenticate the looks and features of the house and help prospective homebuyers to make a decision.

A home inspection with the help of drones has allowed realtors to expand their portfolio and provide clients with full details of the house and improve their chance of getting a commission on the sale of the house. The benefits of home inspections for homebuyers are

  • Ensure that they are making a sound and right decision
  • Reduces buyer’s remorse
  • Reveal the true picture of the house
  • Timely identify the repairs and replacements needed in the house
  • Provide a detailed view of each room and space of the house
  • Determine the type of systems and equipment installed in the house
  • View the structural integrity of the house
  • Minimize the number of surprises one may get after moving into the house

Home inspections through drones are relatively economical, safer, and efficient as compared to manual inspection. Drones have become more advanced and can easily be controlled by beginners and amateurs alike. The aerial photos and videos taken by drones can easily be loaded and cut the operating costs.

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