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The Passion for Collecting Vintage Currency Notes

People have always loved to have a particular hobby that they still love to do. We all have a fast-paced life, but still, we take some time out to do the things we are passionate about. Some people love to draw pictures, make paintings, and read books, while some may love gardening or playing music.

Why Collect Vintage Currency Notes

One hobby that most kids loved a few decades ago was collecting coins or old currency notes. All over the world, some people love to get their hands on vintage currency notes and build a collection. The passion for collecting old banknotes is called ‘’notaphily,’’ and the person who makes a collection is a ‘’notaphilist’’’.

The reason why people may love to collect old and rare banknotes are

  • The designs and colour of the currency notes of various countries is quite artistic
  • Knowing about the currency that was used by countries across the world
  • The design, use of colour and amount of currency are unique to every country
  • Build a collection of vintage currency and flaunt it in front of your family and friends
  • The currency notes contain cultural information

For beginners, paper money was first used in China back in 100 A.D. Then paper money came to Europe in the 1200s. The features of a standard banknote are

  • Front: The face or front side of a banknote usually depicts a historical figure or monument of the country.
  • Back: The back side of the note is the underside and may also show a significant symbol of the country.
  • Denomination: The numeric number and text that shows the value of the currency or banknote
  • Date of issue: The day, month, and year is the hallmark of old currencies
  • Serial number and series number: The serial number is essential for all currencies and helps to detect forgeries. The series number consists of numbers and text.

What makes a 1000 rupiah Note Different?

The ‘rupiah’ is the official currency of Indonesia, and the Bank of Indonesia manages it. Interestingly, ‘rupee’ is derived from Sanskrit, a currency used in Pakistan and India. The rupiah came in 1946 and replaced the Netherlands Indies guide.

The rupiah denominations consist of Rp 1000, Rp 2000, Rp 5000, Rp 10,000, Rp 20,000, Rp 50,000 and Rp 100,000.

The 1000-rupiah note is a banknote of yellow color, and on the front is an image of Tjut Meutia, the national heroine of Indonesia (1870 – 1910). The backside of the note depicts Fort Belgica’s in Banda Neira, the Tifa dance, and Cooktown Orchid.

Tjut Meutia was born in 1870 and married Teuku Cik Tunong, and both fought against the colonization of the Dutch in their land. In 1899, Teuku Cik Tunong’s troops attacked the Dutch forces that were at a loss due to a sudden skirmish. Soon Teuku Cik Tunong was made Sultan of Aceh. However, in 1905 Teuku Cik Tunong was caught by the Dutch and put in jail, and shot in 1906.

On the other hand, Tjut Meutia had to struggle due to the death of her husband. She was made commander but was caught in her hideout in Paya Cicern. But she put up a strong resistance with a rencong which is a type of knife. Tjut Meutia was shot in the head and chest.

The Indonesian people and government regard the courage shown by Tjut Meutia as the reason her picture is used in 1000-rupiah notes. Tjut Meutia is a symbol of pride and courage, and a train is also named after her.

How to Get or Buy Old Banknotes

You may be passionate about collecting old banknotes and coins, but there are few shops where you can go and get them. The best option is going to an antique shop or visiting auction events. However, due to advancements in technology, you can now search online and get some of the rarest banknotes in the world.

There are certain websites and online stores that offer collectible items such as vintage coins and old currency notes. Even if you have not collected coins and notes since childhood, you can still make this a hobby and fulfil it.

You can go to online stores that offer classic coins, vintage banknotes, old stamps, and novelty items. The next step is the same as ordering from an online store. You have to make your profile and fill in the necessary details to order the collectible items.

Making a profile also helps you log in and order the things you need to buy. After making a profile, you can go to the options available, like coins, banknotes, stamps, or other novelty items. You can even write certain keywords like ‘1000 rupiah note in the search bar and get the result.

You can select the currency you wish to buy and add it to the cart as the price of one banknote is not that much, so you can select a dozen vintage banknotes and build your collection.

The Steps to Handle and Store Old Banknotes

Today, online stores offering old collectible banknotes and coins give you the opportunity to fulfill your hobby. You can make a collection of various banknotes from countries across the world and show them to your family and friends.

Also, you do not need to go to various antique shops to search and buy old banknotes. You can order them online. However, nearly all banknotes are made from paper, and old banknotes are fragile and require extra care. The steps you need to take when handling old currency notes are

  • Use clean and dry hands when picking the banknotes
  • Keep the banknotes in a proper and stylish album
  • You can easily get creative and stylish folders or albums to keep the banknotes
  • The plastic sheets help you or viewers to see the banknotes without touching them
  • Do not give the banknotes to kids who can tear or misplace them
  • Keep the album in your drawer so it’s easy to know where you keep it

Final Word

Collecting old banknotes may not be as popular today as it was a few decades back. But you can continue this hobby and order old banknotes online. You can also mylar albums with sleeves to keep your collectible banknotes.

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