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The Perfect Bowl Of Fitness

Food bowls are a simple and quick way to incorporate nutritious ingredients into your lunches, dinners, and even breakfasts. They limit your snacking and overeating and allow you to adopt an intuitive way of eating. And above everything, they are quick solutions to our hunger pangs.

It is important to know that the type of food we eat and the bacteria it has, highly affect how we feel and behave. Low-quality, processed food creates fluctuations in your blood sugar, promotes inflammation, and disrupts the regulation of insulin. Whereas, if you start being more considerate to yourself you can reduce the chances of a lot of diseases such as age-related cognitive decline and brain muscle shrinking.

The first and foremost approach towards intuitive eating is being mindful of the sources and ingredients of your food. The Bowl One, Dubai’s best healthy food restaurant, handpicks organic and the freshest of ingredients to prepare their meals from scratch.

Fitness Bowls Caters All Body Types:

In broad terms, there are three body types known as ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

  • Ectomorphs are a small frame of the body with very little fat.
  • Mesomorphs is a medium frame; it can develop muscle effortlessly and lose weight quickly.
  • Endomorphs are known to have a large frame.

Now, there is a wide range of meal plans for each of these body types but what if I were to tell you that all three body types can enjoy our fitness food bowl without having any side effects. Wouldn’t that be great? Bowl One offers perfect meal bowls that is suitable for any body type. Here’s how they prepare their fitness food bowl:


A regular fitness bowl of The Bowl One contains starch or whole grains, fruit and veggies, dressings, and protein. You can start with grains as your base then artfully arrange the veggies and pile in some protein. Drizzle your choice of dressing and you’re done. A nutrition-packed meal is ready for you in a flash.

Base Ingredient:

Start with your fitness bowl by choosing the base. You can choose from your choice of starch or whole grains and then proceed with further layering. The base layer packs healthy carbs for you that are needed for long-lasting energy and everyday functioning.

Following are the items you can use as a base product:

  • White or Brown Rice
  • Cold Ramen
  • Quinoa
  • Barley
  • Millet


Proteins are a key ingredient in this fitness bowl. Not only it helps in reducing your hunger levels but also makes you feel full and satiated for a longer time. Protein boosts our immune system functionality, repair and maintain organs and tissue cells in our body. They promote lean muscle growth, healthy metabolism, and fat loss. Protein like tofu, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, and peanuts contain a healthy amount of fiber that helps in normalizing bowel movements and in reducing the risk of gut inflammation. Several proteins are best known for preventing cardiovascular diseases and helping in promoting bone health.

Following are the types of protein you can add to make the second layer:

  • Beans
  • Meats (Lean Chicken, Ground Turkey)
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Nuts or seeds
  • Tofu
  • Lentils

Veggies and Fruits:

Vegetables and fruits should take up about a half portion of your bowl. Without a question, greens and fruits offer numerous advantages to your body. Red Fruits and vegetables help in improving skin quality, reducing the risk of diabetes, and fighting cancer. Orange Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin A that help in reducing the risk of lung, esophagus, and stomach cancer. Green fruits and vegetables have Vitamin K which is essential for blood and bone health. Purple fruits and vegetables have phytonutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Following are the vegetables and fruits that make the third layer of your meal bowl:

  • Avocado
  • Corn
  • Edamame
  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli
  • Onion
  • Cranberries
  • Tomato

Finishing Up:

You can go without garnishing and adding sauce to your meal bowls but really where’s the fun in that? So, go ahead bowl up everything and garnish your meal bowl with sliced avocados, lime, roasted nuts, and sesame seeds and drizzle your choice of sauce (Hummus, Tahini, Guacamole). This step spices things up a bit and is purely customizable.

Pro Tip: Go for 2-3 sauces of your liking to kick things up a notch.

Picking the right bowl:

Picking the right bowl is everything, the layers set inside the deep meal bowl can enhance the overall outlook and texture of the meal. The depth of the bowl allows the mix of ingredients to generously mix together so that the first bite is as amazing as your last one.

The best thing about meal bowl Dubai is that it is customizable to your needs. You’re a vegan? Use Tofu as a replacement for meat. Need something gluten-free? Use rice instead of noodles or ramen. Worried about your body shape? Put in some additional protein than it already has. Your meal plan can be adjusted as per your choice. Just think about how balanced a healthy meal bowl is, from well-balanced amounts of fats, protein, to healthy carbohydrates your meal bowl is packed with all essential nutrients.


Bowl One is ahead of the market in offering various types of meal plans in Dubai that not only satisfy your appetite but also your taste buds. You can get anything from customizable acai and fresh smoothie bowls, colorful avocado toasts, to killer keto bowls and homemade sugar-free ice cream, you can be the one in control.

The main motto of The Bowl One is to revive the joy in eating by eliminating the restrictions we put on ourselves in the name of dieting or healthy eating and letting the body have what it needs. If you find yourself struggling to keep a track of your diet then leave it to The Bowl One. They have a wide range of healthy meal plans in Dubai specially designed to satisfy your appetite and cravings without putting a mountain of restrictions over almost everything good life has to offer.

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