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The Procedure Of Moving Into An Assisted living Facility

When your aged loved one has to move into an assisted living facility, it can be overwhelming for the elderly and their family and friends. The idea of living in an assisted living facility can feel daunting. Although there are no specific ways to reduce the feeling of anxiety, easing them through the process will aid them in being more open to the idea of moving into this facility. So, when it comes down to getting guidance on the process. This informative article will help you plan and understand the process better.

Moving Elderly Parents Into Assisted Living Checklist

The most important points must be considered in this subheading while moving elderly parents into the assisted living facility. The points mentioned in the moving to the assisted living checklist will act as basic guidelines you need to follow during the moving process:

Begin Preparations at The Earliest

The first and most important thing to do is create a checklist to ensure that your elderly parents enter the assisted living community. As many older adults have lived in their homes for such a long time. Moving for them would be a difficult job. Therefore, it will take some time to downsize and pack all the most important belongings into boxes. However, bite-sized changes would be quite helpful in easing them into the process.

Calculate How Much Downsizing is Needed

Depending on the size of their new accommodations, you will need to analyze the downsizing process. The process will include taking measurements for the new residence. Organizing the living space after moving into the new home.

Choose The Most Important Belongings

Before you start packing, ask your aged loved one about their most loved possessions. So that those can be safely wrapped and packed for the move to the new home. Any possessions that cannot be taken to the assisted living facility can be donated, sold in a yard sale,  or given to younger family members.

Move Necessary Items In Increments

The best way to move your aged relatives into the assisted living facility is to move daily yet non-essential items to the new home in the assisted living facility. Gradual unpacking and organizing their possessions will make it easier for your parents or aged relatives to adjust and acclimatize themselves to their new surroundings.

Begin Their New Life

Once your aged relatives have moved into the assisted living facility, they will need some time to adjust to their new surroundings and interact with the older residents. The staff at the assisted living facility ensures that each resident keeps their mental and physical health in ship shape with the help of regular activities.

Family Visits

After your parents or aged relatives have moved into the assisted living facility. Visit them as much as possible within the visiting hours specified by the assisted living facility staff. Some assisted living facilities to allow families to spend an entire day with their aged family members and participate in the activities they usually get to do.

All the above points for the checklist for moving into assisted living can be made slowly and organized. As a result, your elderly relatives or parents will be able to not only enjoy introducing you to their newfound friends but also feel satisfied to be able to live independently within the assisted living facility.

The checklist for moving to assisted living has been discussed in the previous subheading. It is time to look at the final part of the post. Where we discuss the changes in the everyday life of your aged relative or elderly parents who have moved into the assisted living facility.

Life After Moving Into Assisted Living

Once the process of moving to assisted living has finished. Some things might affect you as well as your aged relative after they have moved into assisted living.

Of course, the first thing that affects you is the caregiver’s guilt which makes them think. They should have asked them to move into their home. In addition, you often think that you could have put a little more effort into making them feel more independent.

However, it is better to move your elderly parents or relatives into the assisted living facility due to several factors as they will be better cared for and improve their quality of life.

Since you will no longer be the first caregiver for your aged loved one. It means that you can focus on spending time with them the way they wish. Assisted living communities usually handle the medication and activity-related areas for the aged relatives. At the same time, you spend time with them as a family member instead of a medical help provider.


At Haven Health, we welcome residents to a new home full of supportive and compassionate caregivers and skilled healthcare professionals. Contact our team now to see which assisted living facility will be the best fit. We will explain the benefits and care options for each location and how we can help residents thrive.

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