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The Shopify eCommerce Application Systematic Review for 2020

Since 2006, Shopify has been around, taking the lead as the best-hosted eCommerce site around. They have an established track record for delivering a solid service, with over 100,000 stores and rising. Let’s dig deep to see why such an awesome site has become Shopify.

Shopify is a digital subscription service that allows users to create a website and to trade, ship and manage their goods using their shopping cart solution. Users can access the easy-to-use admin panel using their service, where users can add items, process orders, and enter data from the shop.

Shopify eCommerce Platform’s New Pricing

The pricing for Shopify is really sensible. They have a risk-free 14-day trial to get your feet wet, and you can continue to use it for as low as $29/month if you like what you see. Nevertheless, $29 limits you to 25 items. You can get extra discounts if you pay in advance for a year.

They also charge processing fees, but if you use their Stripe payment program, or if you use their larger plans, these can be waived.

Also do not forget that Unrestricted Bandwidth is included in their plans. For several cart vendors, this doesn’t come free. With Shopify, there are no secret fees.

Ease of Use of the eCommerce App Shopify

When it comes to user experience, Shopify is stellar. Both for the shopper and you the owner of the store. You can set up a simple store in minutes, and on both the desktop and mobile, it will look amazing. With ease, set up your inventory, product photos, definition, SEO, and more. Roll out a blog in minutes, or posts. Develop, without a hitch, custom pages and navigation. And well you can count on the add-ons, which include everything from customer retention tools to bonus schemes for your users, if there’s anything they don’t offer out of the box.

Shopify’s incredible ease of use helps you build your online store in minutes.

Although a user-friendly Theme Editor is available, more advanced users will be comforted to know that the HTML/CSS templates can also be edited. The only exception is that the checkout cannot be edited, but Shopify has shown that the checkout process is changed based on what works the best, so rest assured that the checkout experience of the customer is great and continues to improve. Heck, try it by running the trial and running those test orders for yourself.

Amazing Shopify eCommerce Platform Add-Ons

Shopify has a plethora of add-ons for all your needs, as described earlier. There are plenty of free and trial add-ons, but there are others to use that you need to add to your monthly bill. While they are worth it in most cases, they help you make payment gateway Australia more cash from your stuff. Only make sure your research is completed and the best price/quality is found. There are several highly costly add-ons, but there are typically lower-priced add-ons that if not better, perform similarly.

The Best Shopify eCommerce Platform payment methods

They also help a massive list of payment processors if you do not want to use Shopify’s Stripe integration for payments, one of the largest I’ve seen so far., PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Dollar, 2Checkout, and more are some of the more common options. Via processors like Bit pay and Go Coin, they also support virtual currencies like Bit coin and Lite coin.

Protection of the eCommerce Platform for Shopify

You can sleep comfortably because your store is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption (which is typically paid for by other services) and Shopify is proudly certified PCI compliant with Level 1 (this is the highest certification you can get). They have automatic backups as well.

Customer service & Shopify eCommerce Platform support

For customer care and assistance, Shopify excels. They provide a range of ways to get assistance, such as Live Chat, Email Support, and Phone Support for their Knowledge Base. They also give you access to a great group of other users and pros from Shopify who can assist you as you move along.

This is Dave Smith who has been working in the capacity of IT Expert at Folio3 Ecommerce Solution Provider Company for 15 years. My approach is to use a vastly ingenious, innovative, forward-thinking, cutting edge, out-of-the-box approach.

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